Instagram chooses not to immediately merge with TikTok

Following considerable criticism that it was becoming into Facebook’s version of TikTok rather than keeping its own character, Instagram has started to roll back some recent improvements to its service.

Full-screen postings have been added, and it has been decided to load users’ news feeds with material from accounts they don’t follow. (Which Facebook and Instagram will push much harder in the upcoming months, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.)

To put it mildly, both of those adjustments were obviously influenced by TikTok, and Instagram users weren’t happy. The business has now opted to restore the previous state of affairs.

“Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, told The Verge (Opens in a new window) on July 28 that if we weren’t failing occasionally, we weren’t thinking broadly or boldly enough. “But it’s clear that we need to pause and regroup. When we have gained a lot of knowledge, we return with a fresh concept or iteration. We will therefore resolve that.”

It’s obvious that Instagram changed things for other reasons in addition to user complaints. reportedly (Opens in a new window) receives more than 2 billion active monthly users; any alteration will draw criticism. However, it appears that the platform’s own data indicated that its most recent modifications were ineffective.


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According to Mosseri, “with the new feed designs, consumers are frustrated and the utilization statistics isn’t excellent.” “Therefore, I believe that we need to take a significant step back, gather our thoughts, and determine how we want to move forward.”

This does not imply that Meta has stopped utilizing Instagram to counter TikTok, though. But for the time being, Instagram users will be able to use the service as it is.

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