Information about the Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet Cameras Appear

Google is working diligently to get the Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet ready for prime time. A camera APK deep-dive has just given us some information on the cameras for both devices, even if we only know a little bit about the former and almost nothing about the latter. The Pixel 7 will contain a 4K selfie camera, according to 9to5Google . The Pixel Tablets’ camera will also have certain shortcomings.

Google revealed that it is trying to provide a full Pixel ecosystem of devices during Google I/O 2022. This includes the Pixel phone, Pixel A phone, Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Buds, and Pixel Buds Pro. All of these gadgets will be completely integrated and speak with one another without any issues.

A 4K selfie camera will be included with the Pixel 7. 9To5 Google was able to examine the Google Camera app’s source code and find some intriguing details. First off, information based on an APK breakdown should be used with caution because anything in the code may change before these devices are released.

Advertisement There is some code exclusive to the Pixel 7 phones in the Google Camera app. Both models’ selfie cameras appear to be capable of recording 4K video. Only the Pro variant of the Pixel 6 phones could record 4K video using the front camera.

The selfie cameras on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro each used a separate sensor. The Pro variant of the Pixel 6 has a slightly larger 11.1MP camera, whereas the regular model had an 8MP camera. The discrepancy in maximum resolution was caused by this. The Pixel 6 can capture up to FHD video, and the Pixel 6 Pro can capture 4K video.

Although we don’t yet know which sensors each phone will utilize, this could indicate that they will both use the same sensor this time.

Advertisement THE CAMERA DEPARTMENT PIXEL TABLET WILL BE MISSING SOMETHING. Talking about the Pixel Tablet when it would be available in at least a year is a tremendous stretch. Google did include some tablet-specific code in this iteration of the Google Camera app, though. According to the information, the Pixel Tablet would only have one rear camera.

Given how few people use their tablets as cameras, this shouldn’t be a major problem. Additionally, according to earlier rumors, it’s possible that this tablet will largely be used docked. We’ll have to wait till next year when there are more leaks and updates on this device.


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