Individual chapters can now be looped on YouTube.

We frequently use YouTube as a source of amusement while on the run. Although the YouTube app has long allowed you to loop movies, you can now add individual chapters to the feature.

YouTube is reportedly introducing the ability to loop specific chapters of each video, according to a recent claim by Android Police . You can view a chapter of the video a number of times in this way.

If you are attempting to find anything specific or are learning from a YouTube video, this can be useful. The Chapters menu now has a new Loop button that you can use to activate the function.

Advertisement Before, the only thing you could do under the Chapters menu was share each chapter with others. The second option under the Chapters menu is now the new feature.

This YouTube Chapters loop feature is reportedly accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, according to numerous users. It should be noted that you cannot manually update the feature.

Google is implementing a server-side update for YouTube. Therefore, you should wait for the update to be pushed in your area if you haven’t already received it.

Advertisement THE CHAPTER LOOP FEATURE: HOW TO USE IT You must locate a pertinent video in order to turn on the function. We refer to the chaptered video when we say it is pertinent. You can now cycle through the chapters by going to the menu.

You can see that in addition to the Share button, there is now a Loop button. Only if the feature is active on your device and in your area will this display.

The chapter you are watching will begin playing in a loop as soon as you click the Loop button. It will therefore resume playing from the beginning of the chapter rather than the beginning of the complete film.

Advertisement You must repeatedly press the Loop button in the Chapters menu to exit the chapters loop. A new YouTube mobile app UI has also been observed by one tipster in addition to this.

Also in development is a new YouTube interface with rounded buttons and some arrangement changes. The buttons on this new interface are all rounded and adhere to the Material You-inspired design language, including the thumbs up and down, Share, Create, and others. For comments, the rounded buttons are also noticeable.

In the current layout, the Subscribe button has been replaced by the notification icon, which is located next the channel details. Users have not yet received the updated YouTube interface.


YouTube loop chapters
YouTube new user interface


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