In the US, the Galaxy Tab S7 has a June update available.

The first Android device to receive the June 2022 security patch was Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 series. In the third week of May, the Korean giant started distributing the most recent security patch to its 2020 flagship tablets. Initially only available on the European market, the update’s deployment has since become more widespread. It has now affected US units as well (model SM-T878U).

The June security update for the Galaxy Tab S7 is now available in the US on Sprint and T-Mobile networks. The firmware upgrade comes uses T878USQU2CVE5. Along with the most recent SMR, stability enhancements are included in Samsung’s official changelog (Security Maintenance Release). Don’t put too much stock in these changelogs, though. They don’t always provide the whole picture.

The second of two June updates for the European Galaxy Tab S7 units made some adjustments to how the battery % related to Protect battery is shown in Device Care. This modification will likely also affect the version. There might be more improvements and bug fixes.

Advertisement Samsung has already disclosed that it patches more than 70 vulnerabilities in the June SMR. These flaws made it possible for unauthorized users to access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Samsung accounts, among other components and capabilities of the device. While some of the problems were widespread across all Android devices, others were unique to Galaxy tablets and smartphones. Several of the fixed bugs have been classified as significant issues by Google and Samsung.

The June security update for the Galaxy Tab S7 is now available to users in the US. In the upcoming days, be on the lookout for a notification if you haven’t already received one. As an alternative, you can manually check for updates by opening the Settings app, navigating to the Software update menu, and selecting Download and install.

Also beginning to receive the June security update is Galaxy A53. Another Samsung smartphone that has recently begun receiving the June SMR is the Galaxy A53. Currently in Asia, the most recent security upgrade is picking up for the recently announced premium mid-range model, which is also offered in the US. However, it won’t be long before the deployment extends to other countries, like the US. Along with this month’s vulnerability fixes from Samsung and Google, this phone may also receive further bug fixes and/or upgrades.

Advertisement As June draws to a close, we anticipate Samsung will start distributing the July security patch very soon. The most recent flagship models will receive preference as usual. We’ll keep you informed.


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