In Philadelphia, it’s “Always Sunny” Star Criticizes Tesla Furiously

On “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Glenn Howerton, who portrays bar owner, philanderer, and potential serial killer Dennis Reynolds, recently discussed a problem he encountered with his Tesla’s keyless entry system. The actor claimed on the Always Sunny Podcast that the incident and Tesla’s response to it had such an impact on him that the EV company had “lost a customer.”

Howerton claims that the key fob on his car failed, and he was unable to use the app to unlock it because his phone was unable to connect to Wi-Fi in the area of the LA garage where his Tesla was parked. To try to remedy the problem, he called Tesla’s customer support line, but the response was not good. Howerton claims that he spent eight hours attempting to enter his car in the garage. The “A.P. Bio” star admitted that trying to contact Tesla’s customer service employees took some of his time and was “quite difficult.” Howerton claims that when attempting to fix the issue, he was continually transferred between two departments before being informed that “the customer support representatives” couldn’t do anything to assist him.

After around 24 hours, the problem was fixed when move the Tesla without destroying it and a tow truck that could fit into the garage were contacted. Howerton discovered he could start his Tesla by pressing the key fob against a specific area of the automobile, but the car would not start. With a newer model, there’s also a fair possibility the problem wouldn’t have occurred because the software can be used to unlock those even if the phone it’s installed on isn’t online (via Business Insider ).

Celebrities love Teslas, with stars like Shakira, Will Smith, and Leonardo DiCaprio all owning one or more of the electric automobiles. One early adopter from Hollywood royalty, though, wasn’t too happy with how his Musk-mobile performed. A-lister George Clooney expressed his unhappiness with his now-discontinued Tesla Roadster and mentioned how frequently it would break down.

“I had a Tesla, I was one of the first kitties with a Tesla,” claimed Clooney. I believe I was somewhere near number five on the list. But I’m telling you, after spending some time in the vehicle stranded on the side of the road, I asked them, “Look, guys, why am I always trapped on the f****** road?” Make it work, whatever you can. (through Reuters ).

The troubled Tesla was eventually sold by the “From Dusk Till Dawn” actor in 2012 for just under $100,000. The proceeds from the sale, according to reports at the time, were donated to a cause. Given that Clooney doesn’t appear to have purchased a new electric vehicle in the ten years since he sold his Tesla Roadster at auction, it’s also possible that the experience turned him off EVs for good. Glenn Howerton is continuing driving his Tesla despite being dissatisfied with both its problems and the company’s failure to assist with them. Although he claims to be now dependent on both the mobile app and parking spaces with available Wi-Fi, at the time of writing he has not yet had the key fob repaired.


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