In an official-looking render, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 displays a smooth purple color and flat frame.

Within the next few weeks, Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy Z Flip 4, and so far, we’ve learnt a lot about what the gadget will provide. We’re now getting a closer look at the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s frame, which is one of the few design tweaks it will include.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s side profile with Samsung’s slogan “Next Galaxy” may be seen in an official-looking render shared by 91Mobiles and Evan Blass. We can only infer so much from this image, but it shows that the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s design won’t be as recognizable as first thought.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s first significant leak, which occurred a few months ago, provided a glimpse at the device’s design but essentially only demonstrated that Samsung hadn’t made any significant modifications from the Flip 3 to the new model. With a two-tone panel on the outside and the same button layout as that gadget, it appeared that the Flip 4 will maintain the same fundamental shape and style.

But according to this latest rendering, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be surrounded by a flat, colorful frame. Instead of the curved aluminum found on the Flip 3 and Fold 3, the image of the Flip 4’s frame shows what is definitely a flat frame around the side of the gadget.

Given that Samsung accomplished the same thing with the Galaxy S22 and S22 earlier this year, this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Instead of the silver or black options that were available on the Flip 3, the frame also seems to be changing color. Here, we see a vivid purple shade that is reportedly the same as the Bora Purple option that the Galaxy S22 appeared to be sporting earlier this week.

Notably, compared to prior iterations, the camera modules appear to be sticking out of the gadget a little bit more.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is anticipated to be a slight improvement over the Flip 3 overall, but with significant alterations. The battery is expected to receive a significant improvement, and the display crease should be less obvious.

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