In a torture test, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 holds up to dust, but nothing has changed from earlier models. {Video}

Since their introduction, foldable cellphones have advanced significantly, but even the newest models from Samsung come with a comprehensive list of precautions that need be taken. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 holds up well to dust and dirt in a torture test that subjects it to the worst of the worst, but that is hardly surprising.

This week, Zach from the JerryRigEverything channel shared his normal torture test for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 in which he subjected it to bend, fire, and scratch tests. With the exception of OnePlus’ most recent models, which have a tendency to break under strain, the Fold 4 holds up to these tests approximately as well as any other contemporary flagship.

Zach’s foldable torture tests are unique in that dust is included in the mix. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has the same IPX8 rating as its predecessor, which indicates that it has good water resistance but no dust resistance. In this torture test, a pile of dust, mud, and pebbles are thrown at the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and it survives without any issues. The hinge is still as smooth and quiet as it was before.

The Fold 4 isn’t inventing anything new here, that’s the problem. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 , Flip 3 , and Fold 2 all made it through this test.

Since the Galaxy Z Flip in 2020, Samsung hasn’t made any changes to the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s dust resistance, or actually any of its foldables. There are brushes inside the hinge to prevent dust from entering and, ideally, to pull any dust that does, back out of the hinge. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Just yesterday, we discussed a retrospective on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, wherein just a few months of use, our smartphone managed to get some debris caught inside the hinge, and it never came out, leaving a hump under the display as a persistent reminder.

And it is evident that our experience was not the worst.

Numerous studies suggest that when Samsung’s foldables get older, they may experience problems like broken displays and other things. Samsung has partially addressed the issue of dust, but the true issue is endurance over the long run.

Samsung just released a video demonstrating how it tests the water resistance, hinge, and display of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 in addition to other aspects of the manufacturing process. Samsung continues to assert that their foldables can withstand 200,000 folds before experiencing problems.

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