In a test of extreme suffering, the new hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 pops out of position {Video}.

Although it appears that the physics-defying phone is fragile, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a marvel in and of itself and can withstand a hit. That is, unless you attempt to torment the Z Flip 4 by cutting it in half.

Zach from JerryRigEverything puts the Z Flip 4 through a flurry of torture and durability tests in his most recent video. Examining the phone’s resilience to scuffs and sharp, abrasive items as well as physically pressing the device are among the tests.

The screen is initially scaled up using a variety of hardness-testing techniques. The harder those picks get as the number increases provides a solid indication of the display’s resistance to hardness. Sadly, Samsung’s UTG (ultra-thing glass) can’t compete with anything more advanced than level 2. Of course, flexibility comes at the expense of sturdiness, and the Z Flip4 is very flexible.

The Z Flip 4 undergoes the same brutal punishment as the Fold 4 in this follow-up experiment. In the video, dust is smeared all over the inside display after being dumped onto it. Then the gadget is fully closed, flipped over, and more dust is thrown onto the outer hinge. Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 withstands the barrage of tiny foreign items trapped inside the hinge with ease.

The final trial, known as the bend test, may be the most intriguing aspect of the entire test. The Z Fold 4 underwent the same test, which involves fully opening the device and bending it in the opposite direction of how it would normally bend. The Z Fold 4 didn’t seem to budge and held up quite well. On the other hand, the Z Flip 4 didn’t suffer the same fate.

The gadget was blocking any further movement when it was fully opened. Pushing for a few seconds caused the Flip 4 to pop and the hinge to budge somewhat. Following then, the Flip 4 experienced a few related problems. First, instead of opening straight up to 180 degrees, the phone now opens up to around 185 degrees. Additionally, the Flip 4 no longer entirely closes unless forced to.

Most likely, one of the channel keys in the new Flip 4 hinge design moved and is no longer resistant when fully open. We’re not sure if this is a drawback of the more effective hinge design that uses channels rather than gears. This problem wasn’t present in earlier Z Flip and Fold torture tests on the older hinge design.

Even though this is a tiny bit frightful, it’s not likely that your Galaxy Z Flip 4 will experience it. Nevertheless, you should never put the open Flip 4 in your pocket as the damage could just be a shattered hinge.

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