In a teaser video, Humane may provide the first glimpse of its laser projection display.

We reported at the beginning of this year that a covert business created by former Apple employees appeared to be developing an Android-powered augmented reality wearable with a laser-projected display. This morning, Humane posted a minute-long teaser video that might hint to the appearance of that projection technology.

Humane has been teasing a movie ever since the beginning of this month. Change Everything Was released on Friday morning on its website lasts one minute and is as follows:

Humane is the creator. Ryan Staake is the director. Music is provided by Mass Appeal and is by Nas with Kanye West and The Dream.

A person surrounded by individuals using VR headsets and glancing at their phones is depicted in a blatant critique of modern consumer technology. Humane has long stated that its aim is to rethink computing and that its goal is to create technology that feels familiar, natural, and human.

The main character looks up and notices a solar eclipse in the form of the Humanes emblem. With their palm towards the sun, they critically raised their hand to cover their eyes. The eclipse/logo is persistently projected when they flip over to look at their hand.

What they saw on their palm closely resembles a patent from 2020 for a wearable entertainment device and cloud computing platform with laser projection technology. As we stated earlier:

Instead, a display may be created on any surface using a laser projection device, and it can be removed when not in use. According to patent illustrations, this entails having the time and date, numpad, step-by-step driving instructions, and temperature/thermostat settings projected onto your hand’s palm. As you cook or work on your car’s engine, other examples show information layered in genuine augmented reality fashion.

A camera (180 FOV with OIS is listed as an example standard), 3D camera, and depth sensor (LiDAR or Time of Flight), which are used to interpret air motions performed with your hand, might be included in a Humanes body-worn wearable. Another patent proposes an extra battery pack that is hidden underneath your clothing and magnetized to the wearable. Given that Qualcomm Ventures LLC took part in Humane’s $100 million Series B financing last year, it may be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

Humane Android
Humane Android
Humane Android

Jobs were available for the wearable running Android at the same time (AOSP). Since Humane has been under development for a while, a public teaser normally indicates that a release will happen shortly. Following the video, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to a mailing list for special access.

Of course, the current question is how true to the final product the laser projection that was teased today is.
Please read our analysis of the January patents.
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