In a decade, Samsung may spend up to $200 billion on US chip factories.

According to new reports , Samsung may spend up to $200 billion over the next ten years to construct chip plants in the US. On current records submitted to the state of Texas, that is based. Additionally, it is probably intended to benefit from the soon-to-expire Chapter 313 incentives granted in the state for employment creation.

In fact, if that’s the case, Samsung might benefit from tax cuts worth up to $4.8 billion. With the new plants likely to create at least 10,000 employment.

Building the facilities in the US might also help the business compete more effectively with its main rivals in the chip sector. Particularly in light of mounting worry about Chinese chip manufacturers and broader efforts to bring output domestically. Specifically, TSMC and Qualcomm. Finally, assisting the business to advance with new hardware that is produced in the US and powers all of the newest and best features found in its smartphones and other items.

Advertisement WHERE AND WHEN WILL SAMSUNG BUILD ITS NEW US-BASED CHIP FACTORIES? Now, if Samsung’s alleged plan materializes, the division of the possible hires is not necessarily equal. According to the papers, Taylor, Texas would serve as the location for almost 82% of the positions. Of the total, the business plans to invest about $167.6 billion in the area. The remaining 18% would have their headquarters in Austin. Only $24.5 billion is anticipated to be invested in that region at this time.

On the other hand, the proposed facilities’ construction would take place over a longer period of time. Probably because Samsung has already made significant investments to expand its newest chip facility. That is also situated in Taylor, Texas.

The first plant would be scheduled to begin operations around 2034. If everything goes according to plan, at least two of the remaining plants wouldn’t be begun until 2042. That is, if Samsung ultimately receives Texas’ approval to start any of the projects.


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