In 2022, the majority of Android users use cheap phones.

Now, it should be obvious that more individuals choose to purchase inexpensive phones than to fork over top bucks for cutting-edge technology. New statistics from HMD Global and CounterPoint Research show that thus far in 2022, about 60% of Android customers have chosen to purchase low-cost phones.

Most Android users, according to HMD Global, purchased budget phones. If you didn’t already know, HMD Global is the company that makes Nokia’s devices. The business was able to provide us with some market statistics for Android. Roughly 60% of Android users in Q1 2022 choose to utilize low-cost devices.

About two-thirds of Android users in the US have phones that cost less than $250. A reasonable assumption would be that the majority of these are less expensive Motorola and Samsung phones.

Advertisement If you take into account phones between $250 and $300, the figures may possibly be higher. The budget range could also be thought of as including that price range. Once we continue on past it, we begin to enter the mid-range region.

Additionally, according to the statistics, prepaid phones priced under $300 accounted for nearly 85% of carrier sales in 2021. This indicates that the majority of individuals do not desire to purchase more expensive phones or contract them.

THIS IS COMMON SENSE It’s simple for tech aficionados to overlook the market of consumers who use their phones as everyday tools. They’re not actually seeking for a phone with the most advanced chipset, the most gorgeous screen, or the best audio. They require a phone in order to get through the day.

Advertisement If you’re not going to use your phone for anything demanding, then a $249 Nokia phone looks like a far more appealing option than purchasing a $1,000 iPhone.

CHEAP Nokia Phones To Consider Nokia offers a number of inexpensive phones that will serve you well throughout the day. The Nokia G50 is a 5G Android 11 phone that costs $299.99 and has a Snapdragon 450 5G SoC. The 6.82-inch HD display, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage on this phone are impressive.

The Nokia G20 is the next option and is even less expensive at $199.99. The Mediatek Helio G35 SoC and 6.5-inch HD display are features of this phone. Additionally, this phone offers 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

Advertisement Not least among them is the Nokia C100. This phone has a 5.45-inch HD display, costs $99.99, and runs on the MTK A22 SoC. The storage on this phone is 32GB, and the RAM is 3GB.


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