iFixit is now offering Samsung Galaxy repair parts for these gadgets.

In response to the growing Right to Repair movement, Samsung has teamed up with iFixit to provide genuine repair parts for Galaxy devices, which are now on sale.

Update 9/13: As part of an event in September 2022, Samsung is providing 50% off screen repairs. For more information, see below.

As part of the new scheme, iFixit will be able will provide parts and instructions to enable users of Samsung Galaxy devices to fix their own devices at home rather than taking them to a repair facility or contacting Samsung directly. Since Samsung employs the same genuine components, there is a larger likelihood of success and a far lesser likelihood of issues.

Back in June, Google and iFixit collaborated on a similar service for Pixel smartphones.

Samsung will sell these repair parts through iFixit , Samsung 837 , and its own retail locations in addition to sales through iFixit .

What is covered by this program? Samsung and iFixit will first provide instructions and supplies to assist Galaxy owners in repairing a cracked screen, replacing a cracked glass back, and upgrading the charging port. A return box is included with kits for replacing the display so that broken pieces can be recycled. The only other common repair we’d anticipate seeing under a scheme like this is battery replacements, which are not mentioned in the program at the moment.

However, it should be noted that only a small number of devices may use this program.
At first, only the following devices will be eligible for official repair parts from Samsung and iFixit:

Galaxy S21, S21 , S21 Ultra, and Galaxy Tab S7 Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 , and S20 Ultra Given the enormous number of gadgets Samsung launches each year, the list is undoubtedly short, but it’s a decent place to start.

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