If Robbie Coltrane hadn’t pursued acting, he might have worked in the automotive industry.

Coltrane continued acting before he became well-known, and he may have even maintained close contact with some of the time’s biggest stars. But he wouldn’t have been performing or filming with those famous people. He would have been riding along in a vehicle. Working as a chauffeur at the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), which is held yearly in the capital of Coltrane’s native Scotland, was one of his pre-acting jobs. According to the EIFF , a “guest driver” is responsible for giving “a friendly, efficient and professional service to Edinburgh International Film Festival guests and delegates; collecting them upon arrival in Edinburgh, transporting them between venues and events while strictly adhering to schedules.”

The job description also mentions that traveling to Glasgow and “other U.K.” cities may be necessary in addition to driving in Edinburgh. cities’ as well. The drivers are generally the first and last faces visitors see throughout their visit, according to the festival, so it’s safe to say the charisma Coltrane had throughout his career also helped him in roles like this.

Coltrane didn’t abandon his days as a professional driver just because he was concentrating on his acting career. In 1986’s “ Hooray for Holyrood ,” a movie about the 40th Edinburgh International Film Festival, the aspiring actor would later “reprise his part” as an EIFF chauffeur.


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