If Google released a new Chromecast Audio, would you buy it? {Poll}

We discovered this week that Google might be planning to update the 2015 Chromecast Audio. Would you be eager to see that come to pass?

The Chromecast Audio was introduced in 2015 along with the second-generation Chromecast and offered a single audio output in place of HDMI. It could be connected using a conventional 3.5mm jack or an optical TOSLINK connection. The Chromecast Audio, unlike every other Cast-capable device Google has made available, could output high-resolution (24-bit, 96kHz) sound, which is essential for most audiophiles.

The Chromecast Audio made it feasible to take your existing A/V system and make it smarter with phone controls, eliminating the need to purchase a dedicated high-quality smart speaker from a business like Sonos . This $35 improvement added convenience for those on a tight budget, and premium audio enthusiasts could also add sophistication to their significantly more expensive traditional speaker arrangement.

But as integrated Google Home smart speakers proliferated in 2016, the Chromecast Audio lost market share since it was more difficult to set up. After being officially discontinued by Google in 2019, the Chromecast Audio has now become a sought-after item, fetching prices that are often close to twice what they did at retail.

This week, our APK Insight team discovered that Google is developing a new item that the Google Home refers to as Chromecast Audio. Sadly, there is more latitude for interpretation than you may anticipate, making it difficult to know for sure whether or not a proper Chromecast Audio upgrade is actually in the works.

In any case, we thought we’d ask you that. Would you want to purchase a Chromecast Audio if Google released a new or improved model?

Or would you prefer to see some fresh additions and upgrades first? The addition of a microphone, which would permit communication with the Google Assistant, is one potential improvement that some users might want to see. Please share your suggestions in the comments section.

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