Icons For Android Auto Are Too Big To Use. This Bug Is Also Being Seen by Others

Users of Android Auto are currently reportedly experiencing a new glitch that pushes the platform’s icons beyond what is usable and is appearing in Google’s forums Android Auto community.

In conclusion, it looks like the primary navigation icons are enlarging to the point that they virtually fill the entire lower half of Android Auto displays. On the other hand, the surviving icons are also expanding. Despite not being nearly as big, as seen in the picture given below. But in the end, those likewise wind up using so much room that only a few icons can be shown on the screen.

Additionally expanded in the UI, the taskbar takes up less overall space. As a result, the interface is not at all useable for individuals who are having the problem.

Advertisement WHAT DIFFERENCE DO YOU THINK THE NEW ANDROID AUTO ICONS BUG MAKES? Of course, the first reported occurrences of the problem seem to be exclusively related to in-car displays. That contrasts with individuals who utilize Android Auto—not to be confused with Android Automotive—via alternative means. However, it doesn’t seem like those units are the cause of the issue either. especially considering that it can be seen on a variety of monitors and connecting cords.

Android 12 on international smartphones appears to be the common factor in all of the incidents that are emerging. Additionally, the reports only mention a small number of regionally accessible smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy A53. The most recent OS version that is installed on handsets from companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and other comparable manufacturers appears to be the main offender.

The precise cause of the issue with certain devices is not immediately clear. Google allegedly intends to address the problem, though. indicating in its bug tracker records that it is being looked into.

Advertisement It remains to be seen if this portends the arrival of a fix any time soon. especially given that it doesn’t seem like this is a widespread issue with technology in general. Making this perhaps a less urgent issue than some others that have recently made the news.


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