IC design firms in Taiwan are optimistic about automotive ICs in 2023.

According to industry sources, Taiwan-based IC design houses are generally optimistic about demand for display driver ICs (DDI), touch and display driver integration (TDDI), and other automotive ICs in 2023 as a result of the proliferation of larger and more numerous on-board displays in automobiles.

Many automakers are exploring replacing buttons with touch features since central information displays and dashboards for automobiles are being built with larger screens and the integration of more functions into a single display, according to the sources. In addition, displays are probably going to be introduced to car side doors, back seats, and perhaps rearview mirrors, the insiders indicated.

The sources stated that integration of other IC types, such as SoCs, sensors, and power management ICs, is a likely trend in addition to the current DDI, TDDI chips, and T-Con (timing controller) ICs. They added that even if new car sales do not rise, the demand for automotive ICs will undoubtedly rise.

DDI and TDDI chip design houses with other IC product lines are expected to have an advantage in the competition for orders. The sources noted that automakers or their supply chain makers have strong demand for highly integrated IC solutions that can save space, reduce weight and cost, and facilitate component-material management.

Hiamx Technologies, a Taiwan-based IC design firm, now holds an approximate 40% market share for car-use DDI, while Novatek Microelectronics, Raydium Semiconductor, Sitronix Technology, and FocalTech Systems have started to sell the product.


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