I don’t hear our users demanding that we spend a lot of resources into that, according to Tim Cook about RCS for the iPhone.

During an interesting session Apparently, Apple users are not requesting RCS functionality for the iPhone, according to Tim Cook, who was speaking at the 2022 Code Conference alongside Jony Ive and Laurene Powell Jobs.

A participant in the audience posed this query in relation to enhancing text messaging between iPhone and Android users. That person suggested Rich Communication Services as a fix for a number of issues afflicting the existing experience, as did Google recently.

The CEO of Apple reacted as follows:
I don’t currently hear any requests from our users for us to focus a lot of effort on it.

According to Cook, Apple users are not pressing for RCS on the iPhone to enhance the texting experience with Android users. According to user data and customer sentiment that Apple monitors, this is confirmed. For iPhone customers who continue to use the iMessage network, this is not particularly shocking, supposing Cook is honestly reporting those findings.

Given the existence of a non-iPhone, there are undoubtedly some Apple consumers who communicate with Android users using SMS/MMS in individual or group chats that are inferior to iMessage. The latter is a specific source of discomfort. While iMessage amounts to severe lock-in and is a factor in customers sticking with the iPhone, an Apple executive has claimed that extending it to Android will hurt the company more than benefit it.

Cook’s sarcastic remark instructed the inquirer to purchase your mother an iPhone to address the issue (of not being able to send certain video to Android users). By concluding with at this point, the Apple CEO did not necessarily rule out RCS in the future, which could speak to Google’s recent work potentially moving things along.

Google launched the Get The Message campaign in June to compel Apple to include RCS on the iPhone. Like we said:

The issues that have been brought up include poor group chat experiences, no messaging over Wi-Fi or data for Android users, broken accessibility standards, a lack of typing indicators, and a lack of end-to-end encryption, among others.

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