Hyundai will begin selling the new BEV Ioniq 6 soon.

The Ioniq 6 will be on sale later this year in a few European regions and in the US early the following year, according to the Hyundai Motor Group.

According to Hyundai Motor America, the Ioniq 5’s predecessor has sold 18,492 units in the US since the year’s commencement.
According to information released by the automaker, Hyundai sold 20,203 Ioniq 5 domestically in South Korea in the first eight months of 2022.

Hyundai’s EV sales pale in comparison to those of the top EV manufacturers. Ioniq, meanwhile, has experienced significant growth in sales during the past 12 months. Ioniq, Genesis, and Kona are battery-powered electric vehicles in its inventory, along with a variety of hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles.

The official data released by each firm shows that battery EV sales have increased dramatically since 2021.

Hyundai claimed a 70.8% increase in BEV sales (domestic sales plus exports) for the first half of 2022. During the same time period, BEV deliveries increased by 46.3% and 27% for Tesla and Volkswagen, respectively.

According to the automaker, the Ioniq 6 has an all-electric range of 614 kilometers per charge.

Hyundai said last year that it is collaborating with Motional, a US-based manufacturer of autonomous driving technology, to set up driverless delivery fleets of Ioniq 5 in California.

Next year, Ioniq 5-based robotaxi and driverless delivery services will be offered by Motional thanks to a collaboration it established with delivery provider Lyft and a 10-year contract it inked with Uber.

Comparing 1H22 global BEV sales to 1H21

Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Tesla as sources


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