How to utilize your Galaxy Watch 5 and Google Wallet

For your Android device, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a fantastic smartwatch, and since it runs Wear OS, it integrates seamlessly with some of Google’s most crucial apps. Google Wallet, formerly known as Google Pay, is one of them. This tutorial will walk you through installing Google Wallet on your Galaxy Watch 5 and configuring quick access to it.

With Samsung Pay, you can already make touchless purchases on your Galaxy Watch 5 by default using virtual cards. It functions essentially in the same way as Google Wallet, formerly Google Pay. Unfortunately, we haven’t always had good luck with Samsung Pay, and you might have had a similar experience.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 5 created by Samsung functions surprisingly well with Google Wallet. Prior to the Watch 5, the Wear OS-equipped Galaxy Watch 4 served as a suitable home for Google Pay/Wallet. You may quickly configure a home key shortcut on these devices so that you can quickly tap to access your virtual cards.

GOOGLE WALLET INSTALLATION FOR THE GALAXY WATCH 5 You must have the app loaded on your Galaxy Watch 5 in order to use Google Wallet at all. Although the app isn’t preinstalled, installing it on your device is rather simple and can be done directly from the Watch 5. As follows:

On your Galaxy Watch 5, swipe up from the watch face’s bottom to open the app drawer. You can find the Google Play store icon by scrolling down. Tap it. After entering Google Wallet, click the search icon. The top results ought to include Google Pay. After tapping it, choose Install.

After that, your Galaxy Watch 5 will begin installing Google Wallet. Since the software is so little, it should just take a short while.

GOOGLE PAY ON THE GALAXY WATCH: HOW TO ADD CARDS 5 After installing Google Wallet, you must add your cards. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose all of the ones you already have on your phone or just a few. Please be aware that you must already have added cards to Google Wallet on your phone. You cannot add cards from the wearable device to the Watch 5 app.

Swiping up from the watch face and looking for the Google Wallet icon will allow you to access Google Wallet on your Galaxy Watch 5. You can find Google Wallet at the bottom of the app drawer if you recently downloaded it. You’ll be directed to create a screen lock after opening it. You must have this to use Google Wallet. You can add cards using the Google Wallet Plus icon found in the app. Open your phone by tapping the icon. A list of the available cards will appear on your phone’s screen. Select it by clicking the tiny plus sign to the right of the first one. To add the card, you must input your CVC and follow the other instructions. You should be aware that you can add as many cards as you have in your phone’s Google Wallet.

MAKE A QUICK SHORTCUT TO GOOGLE WALLET THAT IS EASY TO USE If Google Wallet could only be accessed through the app drawer, it wouldn’t be one of our suggested Galaxy Watch 5 apps. We adore it because Samsung allows you customize what the Home key does, making it really simple to quickly access Google Wallet. You can use your virtual cards at any touchless payment reader with a few short clicks.

Here is how to configure that:

Swipe down on your Galaxy Watch 4s watch face to access settings, then click the cog. When you reach Advanced features, continue to scroll down. Tap it. Tap Customize keys as you descend the page. Click the Double press button next to the Home key. After descending, tap Google Wallet.

google wallet pay galaxy watch 5

The end! You’ll have immediate access to Google Wallet and all of your cards in the app once the Home key shortcut is configured. The Google Wallet app will open with the default card once you double-tap the Home key. To learn more, swipe over. When bringing your wrist close to the card reader, you should use whichever one is front and center to make a purchase.

In general, Google Wallet is comfortable using on the Galaxy Watch 5. It opens swiftly, functions without a hitch, and, most significantly, enables cashless payment.
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