How to utilize call screening and change your Pixel’s settings

One of the Google Pixel ‘s finest features is without a doubt the ability to screen incoming calls. It’s great to be able to tell a caller’s intent before answering, as it makes managing calls and fending off spambots much simpler. You can alter what kind of calls are screened using these totally adjustable settings on the Pixel. You will learn all the fundamentals from this manual.

Which Pixel phones can screen calls? What call screening can do and how to customize settings Save call screen audio Unknown call settings Choose your Assistant voice WHAT PIXEL PHONE MODELS SUPPORT SCREEN CALLS? Google’s call filtering option for standard Android was first unveiled for the Pixel 3 back in 2018. You could use this feature to see who was calling before you ever picked up the phone. It was risky to answer a call from just about any number that wasn’t in your contacts at the time and is still risky now because spambots are still hitting devices hard. If you’re wondering whether your Pixel can use this feature, the answer is that it can. Call screening is an option available on every Pixel, albeit certain older models might not be able to use every setting and feature.

These regions are the only ones that can benefit from manual call screening, hence there is a geographic restriction:

USA Canada Australia Germany France Spain, Ireland, Japan, and Italy US USEFULNESS OF CALL SCREENING AND SETTING CUSTOMIZATION As previously indicated, call screening is a function that deflects the bulk of a conversation, giving the caller the option to speak or hang up, as spammers typically do. You can see everything the caller says to Google’s screening service on your end, giving you the opportunity to completely answer the call at any time or even decline it if you’d like.

You may program Google Assistant to say specific things based on what the caller says in order to get more information from them, get them to call again, or even get them to respectfully take your number off their call list.

To make the most of call screening on Googles Pixel , you might wish to tweak a few settings. How to access call screening settings is as follows:

Find and launch the Phone app on your Pixel. Tap the overflow menu in the top-right corner ( three-dot menu .) Click Settings. The second choice will be Spam and Call Screen . Tap it. Look for the Google Assistant icon and tap Call Screen .

You’ll see a few options once you go on the Call Screen settings page.

CALL SCREEN AUDIO BE SAVED gives you the option to preserve the audio from calls that the Google Assistant answers for later. Here’s how you can get to them:

On your Pixel, open the Phone app. Navigate to Recents. Any recent call should have the Google Assistant icon next to it. Click the call. Transcript or transcript and audio can be tapped. In case you missed anything, you may then go back and listen to previous screens calls. If someone calls and you don’t know why, you can use this feature to find out before returning the call.

NOTICEABLE CALL SETTINGS Here, you may modify how your Pixel responds to certain call types, including spam, potentially fraudulent numbers, new callers, and private or concealed calls. You have multiple choices for each type listed:

Make a phone call. automatically reject robocalls and screen incoming calls. Quietly reject (only available for spam calls.) You now have control over what occurs during each specific sort of call. You may set your Pixel, for instance, to automatically reject spam calls or, if you’d prefer, to automatically screen them just in case they were mistakenly marked as such. For people who prefer not to have specific calls automatically sent to call screening, this is advantageous. Always remember that you have the option of manually screening calls. When someone calls your number and the phone rings, you can answer by tapping Screen Call. If you don’t want any calls to be automatically filtered at all, this is a wonderful backup.

SELECT THE VOICE OF YOUR ASSISTANT The type of voice your callers will hear is the final customization option available in the Screen Call settings. When you screen calls, Google Assistant essentially answers the call first. You can choose between the all-too-familiar male voice of the Google Assistant or another voice type. There is also a male voice available if you want something a little different. Unfortunately, at the time this essay was being written, these were the only two choices.

All things considered, Pixel owners like Google’s Screen Call feature. One of the quality-of-life features that makes some phones fantastic is the ability to determine a person’s or business’s reason for calling before answering. It’s one of the main selling factors for the Pixel.

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