How to Use Samsung Devices’ Split-Screen View

You can use the recent applications to open your two selected apps in a split-screen view if you’ve already launched at least one of them, as described by Samsung . To do this:

1. To view the apps you’ve recently accessed, select the Recent button (three vertical lines) at the bottom of your screen. You must swipe up from the bottom left corner of the screen if the button is hidden in favor of gestures.

2. Navigate to the app you wish to use in split screen mode by swiping over to it, then hit the app’s icon at the top of the app window.

3. Select “Open in split-screen view” from the menu that displays. This will just partially launch the app and place it on top of your screen.

4. Other recent apps will be displayed in the bottom half of the screen. You can either tap the second app you wish to launch or search for it in the search bar or your app drawer.

5. Once you’ve found your second preferred app, just tap it. It will open on the bottom-left portion of your screen by default.


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