How to Use iCloud to Backup Your iPhone

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap your name card at the top of the screen. Choose iCloud from the Apple ID menu, then turn on the iCloud Backup switch. After that, your iPhone will regularly do an automatic backup of your data.

You might want to connect your phone in overnight so you can obtain consistent backups as most people actively use their iPhones throughout the day. Since backups primarily occur while you sleep. It’s a common misconception that your iPhone shouldn’t be fully charged before keeping it plugged in overnight. However, as long as you have the Optimized Charging option enabled, everything will be OK.

By navigating the menu and turning on or off the switches next to the various apps, you can choose the data you wish to backup. By selecting “Back Up Now,” you can manually start a backup as well, but for that to work, all the other conditions for an automatic backup must be met. That implies that your iPhone must still be secured, charged, and connected to WiFi.


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