How to use Google Lens to search any image on a desktop Chrome browser

The desktop version of Google Lens, which is fully integrated into Chrome, is one feature that many users are unfamiliar with despite the fact that Chrome is a fantastic browser with a ton of tools and capability. Learn how to utilize Google Lens on Chrome desktop to search for any image on the internet by keeping reading.

What is Google Lens? How to use Google Lens on Chrome desktop Via Google Images On any page More on Google Chrome: DESCRIBE GOOGLE LENS. Google Lens is an AI-driven visual assistant that was created as a tool to assist users in finding objects, translating language, and even identifying various plant species. It should be possible to open Google Lens, snap a picture of something you wish to learn more about, and quickly receive information.

The version of this utility that we currently use on Android smartphones is the most popular. Google Lens is typically relatively simple to use because it is integrated into programs like Google Search, Google Photos, and even the camera app on the Google Pixel . Not to mention that the service is a real powerhouse.

For instance, if you take a picture of a pair of shoes in a store, it’s likely that Google Lens will return results of that same brand and model online, allowing you to get the cheapest price. You may certainly upload a photo to Google Lens to get results and essential allergy information if you’re looking to learn more about nature and want to know which plants are poisonous.

GOOGLE LENS USAGE ON CHROME DESKTOP USING GOOGLE IMAGES For years, Google Chrome users have relied on Google Images in Search to perform a reverse image search and identify a picture’s original source. With a recent upgrade, Google Images features a new Google Lens interface that enables you to look up details of that image online. This is how it goes:

Navigate to on your desktop. Click the camera icon in the search bar, which is situated between speech recognition and search. Drag a picture into the window or choose one by clicking Upload a File.

Google will display an image when it has been submitted along with a few options you may use to narrow down your search.

Take your mouse and move the focus section to fit over your subject if the image has a lot going on and you only want to focus on one object in the picture. This will trigger an automatic search for new results. The right side of the window will display those findings.

In order to obtain more information about a text or to translate it into another language, Google recently included the ability to search for simply text. Drag any text you want to copy or search across after choosing Text to start the search. Once that text has been highlighted, you will see search results. To translate, select a source language and a target language at the top and bottom of the page, respectively. Simply highlight any text you want to have translated after that. The translated text will show up on the right and be searchable and copyable.

Google eventually intends to make it possible to draw a circle around a subject to conduct a more focused search, although Chrome on desktop has not yet received this capability. You can choose a suggested subject by clicking on a tiny grey dot if you see one.

FINDING A SOURCE FOR IMAGES This tool does not take the place of Google’s well-liked reverse image search. Instead, this sort of supports it. Simply click Find picture source towards the top of the screen to access the original image from this website.

When you do that, a new window will open up with some aesthetically comparable pictures and the image’s most likely place of origin.

ANY PAGE, Although Google Lens is a fantastic mobile application, it doesn’t end there. Any image you find online may be easily and quickly searched. Here’s how you can do it:

Locate the image you want to search. Do a right-click on the picture. Click Google Lens to search for a picture.

Google Chrome image search

Then, Google Lens will launch in one of two ways: either in a new window or in the panel to the right of the current window. You might see a New window button towards the top of the side panel; clicking it will launch the search in a new tab, which is better for discovering results. The tools offered resemble the ones previously stated.

Additionally, this fantastic tool is not limited to looking for a single image at a time. A different choice will appear in the dropdown menu if you right-click on a blank area of the page. Search photos with Google Lens is that choice. After selecting that option, you can practically search using a screenshot of Chrome rather than just a picture by dragging around your screen with the mouse. This choice might be a better fit for you depending on the circumstances.

Google Chrome’s desktop restrictions are gradually being lifted, and Google Lens is evolving into a fantastic all-around tool for browsing and image search. The same holds true for mobile. This function will undoubtedly be helpful to you no matter what you may be looking for.

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