How to use additional Google Contacts tools and combine duplicate contacts on Android

The Google Contacts app for Android was recently revamped and improved. Users of the app now have access to tools for managing their contacts, including the ability to import, export, merge, and restore Google Contacts. Before, these instruments were somewhat accessible, but they were out of sight and out of mind. How then do you employ them? This explanation will clarify it.

Merge andamp; fix Import from SIM, Import from file, and Export to file Restore contacts More on Google Workspace: The service offered a large variety of capabilities before the current makeover that were helpful for users of other ecosystems in addition to Android. Personally, my Google Contacts master contact list served as a backup for and a source of updates for my iPhone’s contacts. Google Contacts was a terrific way for me to keep all of my personal information secure and current because of the synchronizing tools it offered.

Many of the capabilities that were previously hidden in the app and online are now accessible under the Fix and Manage page. On the bottom bar is where you’ll find this new tab. Although the design is a little strange, it places these instruments in your direct line of sight. Listed below are a some of the tools in this new section:

combine with a fix Contacts imported from SIM Restore Export to file Trash Import from file A Settings button is also present and may be accessed from the app’s profile image.

We strongly advise you to modify it if you are not comfortable with these tools. Knowing how to use some of your contacts’ features will help you avoid a lot of hassles in the future when you need to move, remove, find, or modify contacts. Here is how they operate.

Combine and fix Merge and repair is a quality-of-life utility designed to merge your Google Contacts from top to bottom. If two or more contact files share the same name or appear to be duplicates, users can merge them into one. Numerous factors can result in duplicates. Your contacts list may contain different entries for an email, phone number, and address. The merge tool will search for it and advise you to join them all into a single consistent file. This attribute is by far my favorite.

The repair feature, on the other hand, enables you to make additional adjustments in light of the activity that your Google Account has detected. Despite its scary appearance, this is ultimately beneficial. You will receive a recommendation to correct this and add them as contacts if you have email chains with someone but haven’t yet added them as contacts. Although it’s not necessary, it’s helpful to go through the list again and take advantage of any missed chances to add contacts.

Simply tap Merge and repair and then tap any recommendation the tool offers you to employ one of these features.

Import from a file, export to a file, and import from a SIM All of these tools generally accomplish the same task. Depending on your option, they take a file and place it somewhere else. Contacts on Google You can take the contacts on your SIM card and add them to your contacts by using the import from SIM feature. To utilize it, pick the account you wish to import to and tap Import from SIM. After that, select the contacts you want to import by scrolling down the list.

Simply press Import from file and choose the account you wish to import to utilize it. You’ll be taken to your device’s most recent downloads after selecting an account. Find the contact file you want to import, then tap it. Tapping should start the process.

You should tap Export to file to do the reverse. Your contacts will be combined into a file by this tool, which will then be downloaded to your smartphone. Simply tap it and select the account from which you wish to pull contacts. Select what you want, then press Export to.vcf file. After being directed to your downloads page, name the file if you like, then click Save.


RECREATING CONTACTS Restoring contacts is helpful for importing a previous backup. Backups from your current device or backups from other devices using your account may be included. This program won’t be used very frequently because you need to know which backup you want to restore and from which device in order to utilize it.

To restore a backup, press Recover backups and then from the dropdown menu, choose the account you want to restore from. Pick the backup you wish to use by perusing the ones that are readily available. Enter your old screen lock after touching it.




It’s a little bit simpler to access and use these tools now that they’re in plain sight. These tools are great, as is the ability to import, export, and merge your Google Contacts. However, you won’t probably need to utilize them every day.

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