How to update your Chromecast with Google TV and why updates are so infrequent

The most recent Google Chromecast with Google TV doesn’t receive full system updates very frequently. It’s still vital to periodically check for system updates despite the fact that this is the case. This post will offer you a thorough, step-by-step look into manually checking for updates as well as some further insight into Chromecast’s updating system.

For many people looking for a dependable streaming gadget that can deliver their favorite shows whenever they need them, Google’s Chromecast has been a terrific alternative. The most recent Chromecast with Google TV gives the streaming tool we’ve grown to know and love some cool new features. The implementation of features like new movie and TV show recommendations, as well as Google’s central watchlist for content you’ve been meaning to watch, is excellent.

CHROMECAST UPDATING WITH GOOGLE TV Every now and then, Google TV goes through the updating process, which ordinarily happens automatically. Having said that, it’s simple for you to check for updates on your own. Here’s how to check for updates on Google TV and Chromecast:

Click your profile image in the top-right corner of your Chromecast. Press the down button, then choose Settings. Locate and choose System. Click on About. The System Update will appear. Choose it.

You can expect your Chromecast to begin looking for an OTA update. The Chromecast will start the procedure if it discovers one. If not, you can be sure you’re using the most recent version and check again later if necessary.

The frequent incremental upgrades that Google TV gets, which bring new capabilities to the growing list and enhance existing ones, are one of the reasons it functions so well. For feature enhancements and stability, Google typically releases minor homescreen/app upgrades, which take place in the background while the device is asleep or in use. These little system changes don’t hinder use because they’re minor.

You may have noticed that big system upgrades aren’t displayed on your Chromecast with Google TV very frequently. There are several causes for this.

First, as was already said, the majority of improvements are possible with minor system app upgrades. Second, significant upgrades take up a lot of room. Keep in mind that the majority of consumers only have 500MB or less accessible on their Google TV Chromecast. Continuously releasing updates would devour the user’s storage space quickly. Even while significant updates were frequently published, traditionally, these updates didn’t differ much, therefore there weren’t many visible changes.

The few minor upgrades we do receive are sufficient to improve the experience without taxing the Chromecast. For instance, a minor software update allowed Google TV users to add and switch between user profiles. This enables users to easily log into their streaming accounts and select their own profiles.

The additional view provided by your Google Nest cameras is another excellent illustration. You can view what’s happening outdoors from your couch by just asking Google Assistant to show your camera.

DELIVERING A LEGACY CHROMECAST Previous iterations allowed you to cast your material to the TV before the Chromecast with Google TV. You couldn’t interface with the OS, and you had to use the Google Home app on your phone or tablet to accomplish everything.

On Legacy Chromecasts, you can still check for updates, and doing so is quite simple. First off, these devices update in the background, exactly as the most recent Chromecast. If not, open the Google Home app, choose the relevant device, and check for updates.

In general, most Chromecast updates should only take ten minutes or less. Although they are scarce, you can check for updates manually as often as you like. Knowing how to check is still a useful procedure to have, even if that is the case.

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