How to turn on Lockdown mode on Samsung mobile devices

Samsung has given Galaxy handsets a unique feature for emergency scenarios, just as Google’s Pixel phones. If you don’t know the PIN or passcode, the Samsung Lockdown mode for Galaxy phones makes it much harder to access the handset. This is how it goes.

Even though you might never need to use lockdown mode, we nonetheless advise becoming comfortable with it. The function ranks right up there with Emergency SOS in terms of importance.

Lockdown Mode essentially performs a few tasks for your Samsung device. When used, the feature locks your phone right away. After the Galaxy phone is locked, it will disable the fingerprint and facial recognition features, leaving just a PIN or passcode as a way to access it.

This can be useful for a number of rather nefarious purposes. There may be instances in which the smartphone is unlocked without your permission using your fingerprint or face. Lockdown mode prevents this by ensuring that any unlock is done knowingly.

LOCKDOWN MODE ON SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES: HOW TO ENABLE IT You may start Lockdown mode on your Samsung phone in a few different ways. However, there are a few parameters that must be changed before it may be activated. Lockdown mode must be activated because it is disabled by default in the Power menu.

To add Lockdown mode to the Power menu, follow these steps:

Swipe down from the homescreen of your Samsung phone and tap the settings cog to access the settings menu. Locate and tap Lock screen in the settings. Simply select Secure lock settings. Enter your passcode or PIN. Turn on the option to show the lockdown.

By adding Lockdown mode to your Power menu, it will be quite convenient to access in most situations. The location of Lockdown mode on a Samsung phone is as follows:

Swipe down twice starting from your homescreen. Press the power button. Click Lockdown. As already indicated, your phone will automatically lock. You will discover that neither your fingerprint nor a face unlock will function if you attempt to open it again. Your PIN or passcode is the only method to regain access. Your Samsung cellphone will deactivate Lockdown once you open it with your PIN, and everything will return to normal.

Using the side key to access the power menu By default, the Quick Setting page located above your alerts is the only way to access the Power menu. By altering what happens when the Side key or power button are depressed, this can be changed. Despite the fact that it may be used to rapidly access the Power menu, Samsung sets this button’s default behavior to waking Bixby.

The side keys’ function can be changed as follows:

Swipe down once from the home screen and tap the settings cog to access settings. From there, select Advanced settings by scrolling down. Press the Side key. Press and hold, then select Power off menu.

When the power button is pressed while modified, the Power menu will show up. This makes using the Lockdown feature on Samsung phones a little bit simpler.

HOW IS IOS LOCKDOWN MODE DIFFERENT THAN SAMSUNG’S LOCKDOWN? Apple also debuted an new feature for the company called Lockdown Mode with iOS 16. Although the term is identical to what Samsung provides for its smartphones, iOS has a little more robust version of the feature. A system-wide security improvement for iOS’s Lockdown Mode starts with an emphasis on defending against sophisticated cyberattacks. Apps, websites, and other features will function differently that prioritizes security over performance.

Apple’s Lockdown Mode places a lot more of an emphasis on cybersecurity than Lockdown for Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices do on physical security.

Although we hope you never require Lockdown on your Android device, it is a feature that you should be familiar with. Being so simple to activate, Samsung’s Lockdown is an excellent way to safeguard your personal information and critical data in an emergency. Any Samsung phone, including the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 , which both include fingerprint sensors and face unlock, is excellently compatible with this feature.

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