How to turn off Pixel’s emergency SOS 911 calls and why you might want to

The Pixels Emergency SOS feature, which calls 911, can literally save your life. Additionally, it might be quite simple to mistakenly activate, summoning emergency services in the absence of a true emergency. If you believe that triggering it is too simple, this guide will show you how to disable it.

Emergency SOS on a Pixel can be a useful app to have on hand, even if you hope you never use it. When enabled, pressing your lock button five times quickly will send out an SOS, which will serve a few purposes. Your Pixel will first make an emergency services call. Your location and important details will be communicated to emergency contacts at the same time. Your Pixel has the option to begin recording a video at the same moment, which will be backed up for storage.

Although this function is unquestionably strong, there may be some issues with how it is activated. There’s a significant risk you could quickly push the power button more than five times in a short period of time if you don’t use a case on a daily basis. If you’re moving around and the phone is in your pocket or perhaps in a backpack, the likelihood that this will occur increases dramatically. Not to mention that the Emergency SOS feature on the Pixel only offers you five seconds to end a 911 call. It is a relatively brief length of time, despite the fact that it is understandable in an emergency.

Of course, you are fully free to disable Emergency SOS on the Pixel; we won’t advise you to do either. It’s rather simple to disable it if you want to avoid having it activated accidentally.

HOW TO TURN OFF PIXEL’S EMERGENCY SOS Emergency SOS may be found in the Personal Safety app on your Pixel, just like auto collision detection. There is no need to locate this software because it is already preinstalled on the Pixel 6 series for convenience. There may be an older gadget you need to locate and install. To disable Emergency SOS on the Pixel, follow these steps:

Locate the Personal Safety app on your Pixel. Tap the settings cog in the top-left corner once it has opened. Then, select Emergency SOS. Toggle it off by tapping the button.

Personal Safety Google Pixel

Safety settings
Disable emergency SOS Pixel

Once you’ve done these things, pressing the power button five times in a row won’t send out an Emergency SOS.

OTHER WAYS TO DISABLE THE EMERGENCY SOS PIXEL There are a few choices available if you’re unsure about turning off the Pixel’s Emergency SOS feature that could assist prevent unintentional activation. To locate the Emergency SOS page in the Safety app, follow the directions above. There are a few alternative settings when you get there.

When Emergency SOS is engaged, you can first enable Play alarm sound, which will play an extremely loud alert, giving you time to locate your phone and end the call. You can also stop calling emergency services as an alternative. When activated, it still notifies your emergency contacts but does not contact the police or 911.

Remember that you can still easily contact emergency services without unlocking your phone if you want to disable emergency services. Simply swipe up to access the emergency call option on the lock screen; from there, you can contact 911 or another important number.

Overall, deactivating Emergency SOS is simple to accomplish if you discover that it’s a little too simple to mistakenly activate it on the Pixel and accidently call 911. Before disabling it, make sure you know alternate ways to get in touch with emergency services.

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