How to set up Google Wallet on an Android device

With some streamlined updates that have felt a little overdue, Google Wallet is now available. This tutorial will show you how to update your current Google Pay app to Google Wallet or install it from scratch.

Google provided some somewhat more than confusing payment apps for Android users. Before Wallet, popular apps for touchless payments and storing bank information were Google Pay, GPay, and others.

GPay was developed to manage peer-to-peer payments, your financial wellbeing, and even to provide you with offers and promotions from specific businesses. Google Pay, on the other hand, was only intended to save personal information like IDs, bank cards, and immunization data. Additionally, you may activate tap-to-pay at retail locations using the app.

Even for those of us who knew exactly what each app was intended for, it occasionally became confused because the names of the two apps were so similar.

Google Pay has since been replaced by Google Wallet, which makes use of the same tools and functionalities but presents them in a cleaner, more contemporary way. Google Wallet feels streamlined and practical, in contrast to Google Pay’s basic and clumsy feel.

After the advent of Google Wallet, which superseded Google Pay, GPay was changed to Google Pay, adding to the confusion. Have you mastered the fundamentals? Good.

SETUP OF GOOGLE WALLET Google Wallet is fairly simple to install. Google Wallet won’t be an upgrade to you if GPay wasn’t already installed on your smartphone. This implies that you’ll have to install it by hand. As follows:

Google Play Store
Google Wallet install update
Installing Google Wallet
Update or install Google Wallet

After you click Install, Google Wallet will begin downloading and become accessible in about a minute. Google Wallet will immediately extract all payment methods that were previously linked to your Android phone using Google Pay and make them available for usage.

It’s possible that your other passes connected to your Google Account will also show up in the Google Wallet app. By tapping the add icon in the bottom right corner, you can add more.

GPAY TO GOOGLE WALLET UPDATE If GPay is already on your computer, the best course of action is to update it so that it becomes Google Wallet. To update GPay to Google Wallet, follow these steps:

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device using the previous Google Pay version. In the top right corner, tap the image of your profile. Select Manage applications and device. Select Updates available and then select See details. Google Wallet ought to be listed. In such case, click Update next to it. Google Pay will be changed to Google Wallet once you click update, and you may then use the new app.

Overall, this is a positive adjustment that ought to be implemented if an update is made available. Currently widely accessible on the Google Play Store, Google Wallet is a simple software to use right away.

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