How to return to the previous design of Gmail’s Material You?

Gmail’s online site began rolling out a brand-new Material You overhaul last week that heavily borrows design elements from the current version of Android, 12 (Android). Depending on your browser’s theme, Gmail will seem differently. But what if you don’t like the new style? That’s not a problem because Gmail has a simple feature that lets you go back to the original view.

For a few months, Gmail has been preparing for this new look. Google completely redesigned its browser-based Gmail service for consumers back in March. The sidebar was updated and made more functionally sound in this new design. All in all, this was a good step toward making Gmail cleaner.

There are some subtle adjustments in the most recent Material You upgrade that you either love or detest. In your browser, Gmail buttons like the Compose button have new colors. The Compose button is often white and the default background is a lovely blue color with most themes. In the past, Gmail had predetermined button and text colors that complemented one another beautifully. You may quickly restore the previous design’s fixed palette in a few simple steps if you like it.

RETURNING TO THE PRIMARY GMAIL VIEW Although it may sound like we’re talking about the earliest versions of Google’s Gmail, when we say “original,” we actually mean the most recent design. As things stand, this procedure simply needs you to take one or two basic actions. Here’s how to return to Gmail’s initial (prior) view:

If you haven’t already, go to in your browser. The settings cog can be found in the far right corner; click it. A card stating that you are using the new Gmail view should appear. Click Return to original view underneath it. Note: If you click this button and the new Material You design hasn’t yet appeared, you’ll be taken back to the Gmail design from before. Verify if the new Material You design in Gmail is visible to you. You’ll receive a dialog window asking you why you’re switching. Since Google is only searching for feedback on the new design, you are not required to respond. Reload the page after providing an answer (or not).

When you click Reload, your browser should reload the website and display Gmail in its prior layout. You may always opt-in by going to settings and selecting Go out the new Gmail look if you ever want to give the new Material You design another try.

Even while the new Material You Gmail redesign has a lovely new layout and color scheme, not everyone will like it. With only a few clicks, Gmail makes it simple to go back to the previous aesthetic, giving your inbox its previous appearance.

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