How to restrict some types of YouTube adverts

FEWER SENSITIVE ADVERTISEMENTS ON YOUTUBE Google has recently made advantage of its capacity to assist users in precisely defining the kind of material they want to view. This includes any advertisements you encounter when web surfing or watching YouTube videos. You may now limit and disable several sensitive ad kinds on Google. This is how.

What are sensitive ads? How to limit what kind of ads More on Google: WHAT DO SENSITIVE ADVERTISING? Google recently took steps to classify these advertisements into kinds, some of which are designated as sensitive. You can modify some of these sensitive issues in your settings to limit what you view. Since then, Google has added even more toggleable ad types to this list. There are fewer of the following categories of advertisements on YouTube:

Alcohol, dating, gambling, getting pregnant, having children, and losing weight HOW TO RESTRICT THE TYPE OF AD You can easily find the options that let you limit these advertisements online and on YouTube. You can do it directly from your online Google Account. As follows:

Go to om in the browser on your device. Make sure you are logged in when you arrive. To sign in if you aren’t already, tap Sign in in the top right corner and proceed as directed. Check to see if Ad customization is turned on. If this function is disabled, you won’t be able to restrict specific adverts. Search for the section labeled “Sensitive ad categories on YouTube” towards the bottom of the page. Browse the listed categories and tap or click. For any category you want to restrict, view fewer. By clicking Continue, you can verify that you wish to see less.

By following these steps, you’re informing Google that you’d like not to see as many of these adverts when browsing YouTube. Your YouTube search results won’t be impacted by this, though. You will still be able to find what you’re looking for if you search for something that fits into one of these categories.

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