How to receive notifications from Google Maps when friends or relatives depart or arrive

Friends and relatives can use Google Maps’ well-designed location tracking tool to keep track of one another’s locations. Google has now included a brand-new, completely customisable Maps service that allows users to receive notifications anytime a friend or relative departs or arrives.

With their consent, Google Maps has long featured a feature that allows you to see your friends’ or family members’ precise location. It continually comes in handy and I utilize it to ensure the safety of my family. Additionally, you can now configure precise notifications for when particular friends or members of your family arrive or depart from a location.

For instance, you can establish an alert so that you are notified whenever your friend comes over to your place. As an alternative, you can ensure your family members arrive and go securely from home, work, or school without ever having to check in on them. This program completely expands upon Google Maps’ location-sharing functionality.

How to configure Google Maps to send arrival and departure alerts to friends or family You must complete one task before setting alerts. You need access to view the location of the individuals you wish to check in on. You cannot establish custom alerts for their arrival or departure in Google Maps until that time.

RELATED USE GOOGLE MAPS TO SHARE YOUR LOCATION WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY How to use Google Maps to establish arrival/departure alerts for friends and family

Tap the icon for your friends or family in Google Maps on your smartphone. If they are actively sharing their location with you, this will show up.

There will be a menu. In the Notifications box, tap Add. You can select your location, their current location, or a specific address. By selecting Add location, moving the marker to the appropriate spot, and then selecting Add in the top-right corner, you can add a place.

Select whether to receive notifications for arrivals, departures, or both, and then click Save. Be sure the notification for that address is something you want to save.

When you complete that process, you’ll begin getting alerts whenever they enter or exit those designated zones. (Of course, you must first have authorization to view their location.)

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