How to post music you’ve created to YouTube Music

The massive YouTube Music service features a huge selection of genres, playlists, and albums from thousands of international artists. Having saying that, there may be occasions when you struggle to locate the tune you’re looking for. Thankfully, YouTube Music allows you to add your own music to your account to carry with you. Here’s how to go about it.

How to upload your music to YouTube Music Does music sync across my account? Do I need YouTube Music Premium? MUSIC UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE: HOW TO DO IT To begin with, you must do this on a computer, be it a PC or a MacBook. Either option will work. The procedure is relatively easy to complete once either is prepared. How to add your own music to YouTube Music is provided below:

Open Google Chrome on your computer. Navigate to . Click the image of your profile. Select Upload Music from the option that opens after finding it. It will launch Finder or Windows Explorer. Select the song or songs you want to upload, then click Open.

The end! YouTube Songs will begin to receive your music. It will begin processing as soon as the upload is complete. The entire procedure usually only takes a few seconds each song.

By going to Library andgt; Songs from there, selecting the dropdown menu,


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