How to operate the always-on cover screen on the Galaxy Flip 4

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 ‘s cover screen is one of its best features. You can get critical information without opening the entire smartphone thanks to widgets for notifications, time, and other things. To ensure that you don’t miss anything, this guide will show you how to use the Galaxy Z Flip 4 cover screen with an always-on display.

We were very complimentary of the new foldable in our comprehensive review of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Great advancements over Samsung’s clamshell from a year ago have led many consumers to seriously consider the Flip 4, and for good cause.

The enhanced cover screen, which manages your notifications and other helpful widgets, is one of those factors. By sliding down after activation, you may even access crucial device settings directly from the cover screen. The cover screen isn’t always lit up by default; to wake it up, you must quickly tap it or click the power button. Thankfully, that can be altered.

HOW TO SET UP THE Z FLIP 4 COVER SCREEN’S ALWAYS-ON DISPLAY The ability to always see the time is the most obvious advantage of turning on the always-on display, but there are a few others as well. The cover screen of the Flip 4 lacks information without an always-on display, which, in our opinion, negates the purpose of the exterior display.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 cover screen’s always-on display can be activated as follows:

Open the settings menu on your Z Flip 4. Locate Lock Screen, then tap it. Always On Display: Tap it. Change to Always Show.

Z Flip 4 settings

Z Flip 4 always-on display
Z Flip 4 always-on display

DOES THE PERMANENT ON DISPLAY DAMAGE MY BATTERY? Even yet, the always-on display does have a small negative influence on battery life. Any feature that needs screen time will typically use some battery life. Even though the Flip 4’s battery life is generally better than that of its predecessor, depending on how you use it, you might discover that battery life should be handled cautiously.

According to our testing, always-on displays don’t consume a lot of electricity. It should occupy less space on the cover screen than if you left the Flip 4 open and that feature turned on. In essence, this brings up another advantage the Z Flip 4 has over conventional devices, namely the cover screen’s superior efficiency as an always-on display as compared to other phones’ full-size screens.

THE FLIP 4S COVER SCREEN USAGE GUIDE The Galaxy Z Flip 4s cover screen is more of an information display than a way to access the entire functionality of the phone, as was already explained. Consider it as a smartwatch display instead. In actuality, the design is identical to that of the Galaxy Watch 5, which allows you to view various information depending on which way you are facing.

You will view your cover display’s main screen, which resembles a watchface more or less, when the always-on display is activated. Just tap it once to bring it to life and make it completely functional. You can begin using the display after the screen changes from black and white to color.

You can access your alerts by swiping to the left. You can press each one to see a little more information, but the outer display is limited in what it can accomplish. For simple management, look for the clear all option towards the bottom.

To access your widgets, swipe to the right of the clock page. The weather to Samsung Health are just a few of the widgets Samsung supplies for usage here; on the far left, you can add other widgets to suit your needs.

The last step is to quickly swipe downward to access your fast settings. There are currently only a handful essential ones that you might require while the phone is off. Here you may find settings for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airplane mode. You can even reach the flashlight, which is intentionally more difficult to get in order to prevent accidental blindness.

Overall, once the Galaxy Z Flip 4 ‘s cover screen’s always-on display is activated, you should always have a pretty attractive info screen at your fingers. Battery life may be slightly impacted, but in the long term, the foldable outside display is well worth it.

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