How to move all of your chat history when moving WhatsApp from Android to iOS

Using the Move to iOS app, WhatsApp has been beta testing the ability to transfer chat history and data from Android to iOS for some time. Yesterday, WhatsApp revealed that customers who wanted to move their WhatsApp data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone or reset their iPhone could now do so. You can do it yourself by following the instructions in this article to migrate your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS on your iPhone.

WhatsApp has always been easy to move between devices running the same operating system. For instance, data transfers across Android devices are quick and simple to set up. It became a little challenging when the data needed to be transferred from Android to iOS. There wasn’t really a solid, practical solution. So far, at least.

The Android Move to iOS app now includes WhatsApp’s new feature. When transitioning from one device to another, you can utilize this Apple tool to move crucial data from your Android handset to an iPhone.

For Android users migrating to iOS and bringing their WhatsApp data with them, a new choice will show up within that app. The app’s previous version only had standard features like messages, images, and contacts. Users can currently choose WhatsApp from that list and transfer that data in a matter of minutes.

REQUIREMENTS You must meet a few requirements before moving your Whatsapp data from an Android device to an iOS device. Given that I couldn’t use the transfer option until I had everything in order, it’s pretty important that you make sure things are fulfilled. Make sure of these things before starting:

Your Android smartphone must have Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21 or later, or Android 5 or later installed. Your iPhone must have iOS 15.5 or later loaded. You may need to upgrade your iPhone because I couldn’t start this transfer till I installed iOS 15.6. On your Android device, install the Move to iOS app. Android version of WhatsApp A ready-to-use iPhone with a factory reset The same Wi-Fi network is utilized by both devices. When your Android smartphone has the most recent version of WhatsApp installed and you are sure your iPhone is properly updated (this may require you to set it up, run an OS update first, then perform another reset), you should be ready to go.

You should be aware that your Android WhatsApp app will sign you out when you transfer your WhatsApp data. On your iPhone, you must first install the most recent version of WhatsApp before continuing.

WHASTAPP DATA TRANSFER FROM ANDROID TO IOS You can start the procedure once everything is set up, your devices are updated, and they are ready for the transfer. If you have both devices ready to go, the entire process ought to barely take 3-5 minutes. This method has took me around three hours because throughout testing I had to reset my iPhone numerous times. For you, this shouldn’t be the case.

On your iPhone, follow these instructions to move your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS:

Turn on your iPhone, then proceed through the setup process until you reach the setup from old device screen. The passcode setting page was followed immediately by this. Select “transfer from Android device” on your iPhone. Open the Move to iOS app on your Android device. A code ought to appear on your iPhone. Follow these instructions to enter the code displayed on your iPhone on your Android device. Note: A dialog window will ask you to confirm your want to connect to the iPhone. Once linked, a page labeled “Transfer Data” ought to appear. Choose WhatsApp. A new window will open up with WhatsApp. Next, select Start from the menu. You’ll be prompted to open the Move to iOS app once more. Click Continue. The transfer will start now. On the Transfer Complete screen, click Done. Continue setting up your iPhone and go to the App Store. Get WhatsApp after conducting a search. Launch WhatsApp and sign in. Whenever prompted, select Start.

Despite being drawn out, the process is generally quite simple. Your chats should be accessible after you log in to WhatsApp on your iPhone, just like they always were. If you make sure of the prerequisites given above, you shouldn’t need to reset your iPhone more than a few times to get the transfer feature to operate.

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