How to manage your Google Account’s payment options

Online shopping and subscription payments are among the most common and convenient ways to make purchases. Debit and credit card information can be added to and kept in your Google Account so you always have it with you. The ability to adjust payment methods in your Google Account, whether by adding or removing them, is a crucial component of this. Here’s how to go about it.

Benefits of adding debit and credit cards to your Google Account How to add payment methods to your Google Account On Chrome for desktop On Android Removing payment methods from your Google Account Managing payment activity ADVANTAGES OF ADDING DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS TO YOUR GODADDER As previously noted, making payments online is a common practice. Connecting a payment method to your Google Account provides a few additional advantages than adding it to simply any website. You may subscribe to services and enable payment autofill in Google Chrome and other Google apps since, for example, the payment methods you add to your account follow you through most Google apps.

Using Google Pay increases security to some extent. It may be more difficult to link a virtual number provided to some online cards with your actual card information. Additionally, GPay on Android makes it simple to add cards tied to your Google Account for contactless payments in stores. In general, it’s rarely a bad thing to connect payment information to your Google Account because it can make online shopping and digital payments much simpler.

To be clear, as GPay focuses on contactless payments, this guide will not go into specifics regarding adding and uninstalling payment methods from the app. Consider your Google Account’s payment options as the GPay payment options’ parents. Your Google Account can now accept payments for a variety of reasons.

INFORMATION ON HOW TO ADD PAYMENT METHODS TO YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT You can add payment information to your Google Account in a few different ways. Either use Google Chrome on a desktop computer or the Google app for Android on a mobile device to complete the task. To add payment options to your Google Account, follow these steps:

COMPUTER CHROME FOR ON Open Google Chrome on your computer. Click your profile photo in the top-right corner of the Google Search page. Choose Manage your Google Account from the menu. Click Payments and subscriptions in the header. Hit Manage payment methods in the first box. Select a debit/credit card or bank account by clicking Add Payment Method. Enter the necessary details for either. To authorize that payment method, follow the instructions.

Manage google account desktop

Google account desktop
Manage add or remove payment methods
Add or remove payment method Google

APPLE ANDROID Open the Google app on your Android device. Tap your profile picture on the app. Press the Manage your Google Account button. Look for Payments and subscriptions as you browse the areas. Then select Add payment method. Select an existing card or click the plus sign next to the words “Credit or debit card.” Use your camera to scan the card, or enter the information by hand. Enter the necessary details for either. To authorize that payment method, follow the instructions.

Manage google account

google account
add or remove payment methods
add credit or debit card

Whichever option you choose, there may be certain measures required by the bank that issued your card. The final few steps are often simple and shouldn’t take too long. Authorization of a credit or debit card may occasionally take a few minutes, at most.

YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT PAYMENT METHODS REMOVED It could be simpler to remove payment methods than to add them, whether on a desktop or a mobile device. If a card expires, you lose one and need to replace it, or you just no longer use the institution, you might need to do this.

If any of those things occur, you can deactivate a payment method from your Google Account by following these instructions:

Look for the card you want to delete in the Payments and subscriptions section of the Google app or at Googles payments center online . Click Remove under the payment method on a desktop computer. On Android, tap the card, then select Remove payment method from the three-dot menu at the top. Verify removal. Once you’ve done this, if you ever want to use these cards with Chrome, GPay, or perhaps even Google Wallet, you’ll need to add them again. Unless your bank has canceled the card, the removal process is never permanent.

PAYMENT ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT The extra page can be useful for people who have subscriptions active with their Google Account, which brings us to our final point. Your Google Account’s Activity section contains a link to that website. You can see how much the charges were for and when they were created here.

You may view both Google subscriptions and payments made via Play services on this page. For example, purchases made via apps will be displayed here. This makes tracking your expenditure within an app simple.

Overall, since credit cards and bank accounts change, it’s a good idea to be able to handle your payment options. Maintaining your Google Account makes it simpler to use GPay or make online payments because there is less to scroll through at the end.

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