How To Make Android Phones Have The iOS Perspective Zoom

When setting a wallpaper on an iPhone or iPad, you can activate Perspective Zoom . The function gives the wallpaper a 3D parallax illusion by making it move as you tilt the device. This creates an illusion, not only making the wallpaper look fascinating but also truer to life. To customize wallpaper movements, the iPhone detects gyroscope movement. Usually, these motions are light enough to catch your eye without being too distracting.

Thankfully, the Doodle app on any Android device makes it simple to activate a parallax effect for wallpapers similar to that found on the iPhone. You may alter the parallax effect’s strength, motion, and sensitivity to movement because the program was created with care for Android users’ natural curiosity. Be aware that a number of Google Play Store apps make the promise to create a parallax background, but sadly, most of them seem gimmicky.

3D Parallax live wallpaper for Android
3D Parallax live wallpaper Android
3D Parallax live wallpaper for Android
Oppo Reno 6 Android phone

The Doodle app’s backgrounds are wonderfully calming, and the tilt effect adds even more excitement to them, especially if your Android phone or tablet has the processing power to handle the animations. The app does have one significant drawback, though. Only a select group of wallpapers created with the same principle as the standard Pixel wallpapers are supported at this time. Custom wallpapers are not yet supported, which can be disappointing for Android device personalizers.

The app available on the Google Play Store is the most functional alternative to Doodle. Some users, however, might find the animation to be excessively forceful and not quite as enjoyable as Doodle. Second, you might need to spend around $4 to purchase 3D Parallax Background, which is a premium program.

As an alternative, you might investigate another app made by the same person who made Doodle called. You can use the app to establish a dynamic wallpaper that is a 3D rendition of “The Yellow House,” a well-known painting by Vincent van Gogh. However, unlike Doodle, the wallpaper only changes when you swipe horizontally across the screen, not when you tilt the phone.


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