How To Get Android Devices To Support AirPlay

Install AirMusic by visiting the Google Play Store.
Before making a purchase, we advise downloading to confirm that your music app is compatible with AirMusic because not all music apps will be.
2. Configure the app so it can use AirPlay.

AirMusic utilizes Android 10 and later’s native recording features . As suggested by its name, AirMusic will record the sounds from your smartphone. Go to General Settings and tap on Select Your Audio-Source to do this. Next, select Native recording (experimental).

3. Join your AirPlay gadget.

You may get a list of the devices AirMusic can send audio to by returning to the main AirMusic tab. This covers Samsung Multi-room streaming, DNLA devices, AirPlay, and Sonos. Choose the device to which you want to stream.

You will get a popup from AirMusic informing you that it will be recording all of the audio coming from your device. To stream via AirPlay, you have to select Start now.

Note: AirMusic will ask for permission to listen to your notifications during initial setup. It’s optional, however doing so enables AirMusic to see the music you’re now listening to. Tap on Enable Listener to enable this functionality if you’d like.

4. Click “Play”
The end of that. Launch your preferred music app and begin playing music after choosing your AirPlay device within the AirMusic app.
Download AirMusic from the Google Play Store (

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