How to disable notifications for the current weather on your Pixel

OFFSET THE GOOGLE PIXEL’S WEATHER NOTIFICATIONS One or two persistent notifications can feel cluttered and unproductive as space in your notification tray is typically very important. On your Pixel, that’s how Google’s weather notifications would feel. How then do you stop them? There are a few options, I suppose.

Turn off weather notifications on the Google Pixel Where do Google weather notifications come from? Turning off weather notifications Through the Google App Using notification manager More on Android: WHAT ARE THE SOURCES OF GOOGLE WEATHER NOTIFICATIONS? The Google Pixel makes use of the Google App to handle handling presenting the current weather for your location. Depending on your selections, the Google App sends a ton of notifications throughout the day. A few instances of the notifications you might see from the Google App are as follows:

Google Reminders Assistant Advice and techniques invoice reminders reminders for due dates weather conditions right now Crisis Warnings Using Google Assistant DISCONNECTING FROM WEATHER ANNOUNCEMENTS Although they can be quite useful, weather notifications can appear unnecessary. Your Pixel’s always-on display will show you At a Glance as well as the current temperature and weather conditions. There’s a good reason to turn off weather notifications when there are those other two ways to present weather information. Thankfully, there are a few different methods you can accomplish this.

BY WAY OF THE GOOGLE APP Given the degree of customization offered by Android, you can completely alter what you see when using the Google App. Here’s how to disable weather alerts in the Google App:

Find the Google App on your Pixel. Tap your profile photo in the app. Tap Settings at the bottom of the menu that opens. Notifications will be the second selection. Tap it. Tap Notifications once more. To view the current weather, scroll down. Switch it off.

NOTIFICATION MANAGER USE You may easily disable weather notifications through the notification tray if you don’t want to use the Google App. Just make sure the active display of the weather notification is on. Using the notification manager, follow these steps to disable weather notifications:

Swipe down once from the homescreen on your Pixel. You ought to notice a weather alert. Long press it. Tap Turn off notifications at the bottom of the expanded notification. You’ll see a brief highlight of the current weather notifications. Switch it off.

These two approaches both achieve the same results since they are. There are only a few distinct approaches you can take. In other words, if you’ve disabled it using the notification manager, you’ll notice the toggle in the Google Apps notification settings, which are simply the system settings for your Pixel.

After turning off weather alerts, you shouldn’t see any more in your notification tray moving forward. You may simply follow the same instructions and toggle the notification back on in the Google App if you decide for some reason that you wish to re-enable them.

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