How to connect Wordle to an account so that it syncs with other Android, iOS, and device types

The ridiculously well-liked word game Wordle has swept the globe in recent months. Your scores and winning streaks were previously only accessible on the device you used to play. All of these Wordle stats can now sync between devices, though. This is how.

NEW WORDLES FEATURE When you look back, it’s interesting to observe Wordle’s success and how well-liked the online game has become, especially when you consider how few features there are. There are no leaderboards, microtransactions, or social gaming platforms available. Overall, Wordle is quite basic.

That’s definitely part of what initially made it so wildly successful. No matter what devices or operating systems you were using, it was quite easy to sit down and start playing due to the game’s bare-bones simplicity. Wordle functions flawlessly on iOS and Android.

However, that doesn’t mean the game couldn’t benefit from adding a few features. Users now have the option to sync their Wordle progress to an account, which is one feature that has been added to the game since The New York Times bought the rights . But even if you don’t have an account, you can still play because you probably don’t want to lose your stats and streaks. By connecting Wordle to an account, you can guarantee the security of those statistics.

HOW TO LOG IN TO WORDLE AND SYNC YOUR STATS You need to create a free New York Times account in order to sync all of your Wordle data and progress. As follows:

Go to in your device’s browser. Once there, click the icon that resembles a podium for winners. The statistics panel is shown here. Tap or click Sign up for a free account or Log In. Register a new account or sign in with one you already have. You can sign in by using a Google Account that you already have.

The stats you’ve accumulated over time will sync to your NYT account whenever you check in. You can then log in and continue playing on any other device while maintaining your ranks.

The steps required to sync Wordle between devices are quite simple and easy to follow. If you don’t mind creating a free New York Times account, this new feature is highly recommended.

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