How to configure personalized ringtones on a Samsung Galaxy phone

Regardless of the type of new phone you get, chances are that the first thing you’ll do is locate all of the customization options and set them up properly. Well, for many people, a phone’s ringtone is an essential feature. You will learn how to set up personalized ringtones on your Samsung Galaxy phone using this guide.

How to Customize Your Galaxy Phone’s Ringtone It’s simple to configure a ringtone on your device. Although there isn’t a direct shortcut to the ringtone selection page, Galaxy phones and the majority of other Android devices make it a straightforward process.

As follows:

Swipe down from the home screen of your Galaxy phone and tap the settings cog at the top to access the settings menu. Locate and choose Sounds and vibration. Press Ringtone. Select a sound from the available list, or click the icon at the top of the screen. You can select songs from this page that you’ve downloaded to your Galaxy phone’s music folder.

custom ringtone samsung galaxy

Sounds and vibration settings galaxy
Cosmos ringtone galaxy
custom ringtone samsung galaxy

Once you select a sound or song, everything is ready. You’ll hear the chosen track the next time someone calls.

In addition to setting a custom ringtone generally, you can also do it for specific contacts. To utilize a customized ringtone for a contact, follow the steps outlined above. After completing that, you can proceed to customizing a caller’s ringtone.

Navigate to the Contacts app on your phone. Locate the person whose ringtone you want to set. Click Edit. Click View more at the bottom, then select Ringtone by tapping it. Pick out your personalized ringtone. Once you’ve done that, anytime that contact calls you, that ringtone will always play. You can assign the same ringtone to several contacts at once or just use one tone for a single contact. In either case, knowing who is calling before you pick up the phone is a fantastic idea.

WHERE DO I LOOK FOR SONG ADDITIONS? Samsung preloads its products with a few sample tunes and ringtones. Under Audio files in the My Files app, you can find them.

If you have music that you have personally purchased, you can simply transfer it to that folder on your phone. You’ll notice them in the custom ringtone list created by the aforementioned process once the files are there. You may also download noises and tunes to use as ringtones from a variety of apps available on the Google Play Store.

Samsung supports these music file types with personalized ringtones:

WMA MP3 AAC FLAC Whether you already have songs downloaded or not, giving your Samsung Galaxy phone a unique ringtone can be a simple way to make it your own. You may add a little bit of color to your notifications using this easy approach.

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