How to check your Samsung Galaxy phone’s Android version

The OS and security upgrades from Samsung have been so timely lately that you are constantly switching system versions. Knowing what version of Android or One UI you are using can be crucial in certain situations. This tutorial will walk you through the process of determining which One UI or Android version your Samsung Galaxy device is running.

The difference between Android and One UI Why you may need to know your version of Android How to find your Samsung Galaxy devices Android version WHAT SETS ANDROID APART FROM ONE UI First and foremost, it’s critical to understand the distinction between Android and Samsung’s One UI. Although Samsung smartphones use One UI, Android is the primary operating system.

Samsung covers Android with a skin and makes adjustments to it to suit the demands of the user. Samsung makes a concerted effort to enhance their implementation of Android as it advances and makes use of the new capabilities that have since been added.

Samsung has really grown fairly adept at this, and One UI has a similar feel to Android but also has some unique features that make the software more useful. To do this, Samsung and Google collaborate closely and have previously worked together to develop the Wear OS that powers the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

In light of this, there isn’t a significant distinction between One UI and Android for determining your software version. In reality, both One UI and Android versions are listed when you look for the Android version on your Samsung Galaxy device . The finite version of Android will be identified by the One UI version number, whereas the OS generation for Android will be listed.

WHY IT MIGHT BE NECESSARY TO KNOW YOUR ANDROID VERSION Your Samsung Galaxy device’s Android or One UI version can be useful in a variety of situations.

For instance, problems are occasionally added to new Android versions as a natural part of the development process. You may decide if you need to be aware of those vulnerabilities or whether you need to delay installing software updates until a patch is available by knowing what version of Android you are using.

Identifying your Android version also allows you to see what features are compatible with your smartphone. On occasion, new Android and One UI versions include new features; knowing which version of Android you’re using will inform you of whether or not those features are now accessible to you.

How to locate the Android version on your Samsung Galaxy devices You’re already quite close to discovering your Android version if you’re accustomed to searching for updates on your Galaxy handset. If not, that is also OK. We will start from scratch in this case.

How to locate your Samsung Galaxy phones Android version is as follows:

Swipe down and tap the settings cog to access the Settings on your device. Tap About phone when you reach the bottom of the page. Information about Hit Software.

Android version Samsung Galaxy

Android version Samsung Galaxy
Android version Samsung Galaxy

A Material You clock will show if you tap the Android button many times quickly. Android’s easter egg splash screen will be activated if the time is set to 12:00.

The version of One UI that corresponds to your current version of Android will be visible from there. As previously said, there are numerous instances where this is useful. Owning an Android phone can make it essential to know where to access this information.

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