How to activate the SOS mode on a Galaxy Watch 5 and why it doesn’t support 911

Does the Galaxy Watch 5 activate 911 or other emergency services like the majority of Android devices with an SOS feature do? This manual will walk you through the process.

SOS is a handy feature on the Galaxy Watch. Although you hope you never use it, it might be useful for quickly seeking assistance wherever you may be. On your watch, you can use it by quickly tapping the home key a few times. By doing this, your watch will enter SOS mode, which could save your life.

WHAT ACTIVATES SOS MODE? Numerous Android phones, such as the Pixel 6 series with the Safety app, offer the feature as well, as was previously reported. The feature automatically dials 911 or your local authorities because most mobile devices are always connected to cellular service of some kind. If configured to do so, it will also notify your loved ones of your location by sending them a message as soon as the feature is turned on.

Although the Galaxy Watch 5 features an SOS mode, it doesn’t always operate in the same way. The Galaxy Watch 5 only dials one emergency contact, not 911 or other emergency agencies. However, you may configure it so that when the emergency feature is turned on, it sends your position to a number of contacts.

You can set up a 911 contact on your phone and instruct your Galaxy Watch to call and send a message to your local emergency number if you genuinely want your watch to dial 911. This is a technique for getting your Galaxy Watch to dial 911 after triggering SOS.

From that point on, unless you decide to stop sharing, your location will be shared for 24 hours with your chosen contacts. Your contacts will receive a new message with your most recent location every 15 minutes if SOS is left on the Galaxy Watch 5.

How to Configure SOS on a Watch 5. You cannot deny the importance of the SOS mode, no matter what the Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro do with it. There can be times when you’re not near your phone or can’t get to it right immediately. It’s still a good option to be able to call your emergency contact right away.

On your Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro, how to activate SOS.

Go to the Samsung Wearable app on the associated phone. Select your watch from the list and then hit Watch settings. Tap Safety and emergency after scrolling down. With the Home key, turn on SOS. Set up more options, such as calling and messaging contacts. During an SOS activation, you can pick a single contact to call and a number of message receivers.

Change the number of key presses required to initiate or switch on a countdown by tapping SOS with the Home key.

FAQ Does the SOS feature on the Galaxy Watch 5s dial 911? No, the SOS mode won’t dial 911. However, the mode will begin calling your designated emergency contact right away and begin sharing your location with the people you choose.

Does the Galaxy Watch 5’s SOS function without my phone? You can utilize the SOS mode without your phone if you have a Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE activated. To enable your phone to call your contact in an emergency if you have a Bluetooth model, you must first couple with it.

WHY DOES NOT YOUR GALAXY WATCH 5 CALL 911 FOR YOU WHEN YOU’RE IN NEED? Although there are a few educated possibilities, the Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t dial 911 when in SOS mode for no obvious reason.

If the function did contact emergency authorities, the number of unintentional 911 calls that would occur would be one major factor. Given how frequently I’ve unintentionally tapped the home key three times in a succession, I may guess that others have experienced the same thing. Even our Android mobile devices experience it.

If you’re attempting to navigate your watch rapidly, it’s simple to tap the home key numerous times because it’s one of only two buttons on the Watch 5 and 5 Pro. When the device doesn’t register quickly enough during a workout and I press the key too many times, it happens frequently as well.

The dearth of support in all sectors is an additional important factor. The Galaxy Watch 5 makes sure someone who can help is contacted by defaulting to a contact.

Whatever the cause, keep in mind that unless you have 911 established as an emergency contact, enabling SOS mode on your Galaxy Watch 5 won’t summon 911 or your emergency services. It will call them and give your location if you decide to set up another contact. Make a plan for how they will forward your information if a crisis arises.

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