How to activate and set up the Bedtime mode on Pixel for Android 13

The Pixel series has had bedtime mode for many generations, and Android 13 has just improved it. Bedtime mode includes a few new features worth examining as the Pixel is the first device series to receive Android 13. You can enable them for your device using this tutorial, which will walk you through each one.

Android’s bedtime mode is very straightforward. It’s essentially a Digital Wellbeing tool that you may use to start your evening winding down. You may set Bedtime mode to activate Do Not Disturb, mute your background, and even activate grayscale at a predetermined hour every night. In practical use, Bedtime mode has proven to be a fantastic addition to the Pixel, making it a little bit simpler to unwind at night and actually get some rest.

How to customize Bedtime mode on Googles Pixel Creating a routine Customizing what happens at Bedtime HOW TO CUSTOMIZE GOOGLES PIXEL’S BEDTIME MODE Since every individual is unique, so are their preferences for the Bedtime mode. You must first navigate to your device’s Bedtime mode settings page. As follows:

Swipe down twice from the home screen of your Pixel and tap the settings cog that appears to access the settings menu. Tap Digital Wellbeing and parental controls by scrolling down. Toggle on Bedtime mode. You will see multiple cards from this page. The first is an information card that informs you if Bedtime mode is enabled and when. Don’t worry if you haven’t configured it yet. It’s clear-cut and easy to achieve that.

FORMING A PROCEDURE There are a few different schedule options on the Bedtime routine card, where you can define a schedule for the Bedtime mode. A planned timetable for when you anticipate falling asleep or attempting to fall asleep may be established, or the Pixel can be configured to trigger Bedtime mode while charging.

A timetable enables you to consistently strive for a specific bedtime, which might support wellbeing. Using a tap Use a schedule to specify the day(s), start time, and finish time for the Bedtime mode to take effect. By doing this, the Clock app will open the Bedtime screen where you can make changes.

Your phone will still follow the schedule you established in the Clock app’s Bedtime page if you select Turn on while charging. Bedtime mode will start if you charge your device within the specified timeframe. Every time you charge your Pixel, you don’t have to bother about turning on Bedtime mode during the day.

It should be noted that setting a bedtime schedule will set an alarm for the morning of each day it is set.

PERSONALIZING WHAT HAPPENS AT NIGHT It’s worth looking at the next card. A few of its choices are what really define Bedtime mode. First, when Bedtime mode is activated, there is a choice to turn on Do Not Disturb, which is a terrific tool for reducing distractions so that you can sleep. The function restricts alerts from apps that aren’t already allowed according to the Do Not Disturb settings.

The new configurations that come with Android 13 are listed below. At night, tap Screen options to make changes. You have four choices from here:

Grayscale Keep the monitor black. Wallpaper that’s dim Dark theme Since the Pixels Bedtime mode’s debut in Android 12 as a choice, grayscale has been available; nevertheless, its greatest utility comes at night when using a phone. Keep the screen dark will disable the always-on display, which displays the clock and a few notification symbols without emitting much light. If Do Not Disturb is activated, however, you won’t receive many notice alerts.

The most recent choice, Dim the wallpaper, does exactly what it says it will. Any wallpaper you choose will automatically become darker at bedtime; app icons, the Google Searchbox, or any other UI element are unaffected by the dark background. The wallpaper is just made darker. Even though it is straightforward, this new option is really helpful, especially if you wish to avoid Grayscale.

Last but not least, Gloomy theme will transform your theme into something light during the day and dark at night. Unfortunately, using the dark theme just when bedtime mode is enabled necessitates turning on the light theme during the day. This is quite helpful for your bedtime routine if you’re one of the people that generally prefers the light theme.

Overall, Bedtime mode on the Pixel is a fantastic tool with many advantages. Bedtime mode has personally assisted me in improving the quality of my sleep by minimizing nighttime distractions and phone use. Bedtime mode is a function that you can set and forget about, so it’s worth looking into at least once.

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