How to access and control the video recordings from your Google Nest Camera or Nest Doorbell

Have you had to download the video your Nest Camera recorded because anything happened? Or did someone call your Nest Doorbell and leave a voicemail? In either case, your next step would be to see and export the video recordings from your Nest Camera and Google Nest Doorbell. Here’s how to go about it.

Where are Google Nest recordings stored? Viewing Google Nest Doorbell and Nest Camera video recordings Exporting/downloading Nest Camera and Doorbell video More on Google Nest devices: STORAGE PLACES FOR GOOGLE NEST RECORDINGS Whatever Nest product you own, Google developed and made it. That indicates that it works reasonably well with the Google Home app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Google’s Nest Doorbell and Nest Camera both record footage based on movement. In most cases, this prolongs battery life. The Nest Doorbell receives more interaction from onlookers than the Nest Camera, which is the key distinction between the two gadgets. Recordings are kept in the Google Home app for simple viewing and storage in either case.

You can access every recording from the last several days on your Nest device without having to pay for a Nest Aware subscription. Although you don’t need a Nest Aware subscription to start recording in the first place, one can watch films that were recorded up to 60 days ago with it. The available tiers are as follows:

30 days’ worth of video history from Nest Aware $6/month $12/month for Nest Aware Plus with 60 days of video history

Google Nest Doorbell

In fact, there are a few locations in the app where you can see these recordings. Either go directly to the device and read its history, or check your Feed tab in the Google Home app to see the most recent activity. Because videos are displayed on the feed tab in chronological order, you can easily observe what has been happening and when.

Viewing recordings from the Nest camera and doorbell on Google Chrome As previously indicated, the Google Home app has all of the most current recordings from your Nest devices, whether they are in your feed or anywhere else. It is simple to see your entire device history, but there are a few extra procedures. Here’s how to watch the video clips from your Nest Doorbell and Nest Camera:

Open the Google Home app on your gadget. Tap your Nest Camera or Nest Doorbell in the device list. Tap History in the bottom left corner. Drag the timeline to scroll through the most recent recordings, or select Full history for a chronological view.

Google Home main ppage

Google Nest Doorbell

You can tap any video in the chronological view to watch whatever was filmed. The Nest Camera and Doorbell would be useless without this device.

NEST CAMERA AND DOORBELL VIDEO EXPORT/DOWNLOAD You can export or download the recording that was made by your Google Nest device if you wish to take things a step further. This is useful to have on hand or if you require evidence of a malicious incident. Truthfully, none of the numerous justifications for exporting a video are that compelling. It is still advisable to know how to save a video clip from your Nest Camera or Doorbell even if that is the case. As follows:

continue the previous procedure

When you locate a recording in your camera’s history, touch on it to watch it. Hit Event Specifics. Click the Download icon up top.

export google nest video recording

export google nest video recording
export google nest video recording

If you’re using an Android device, your film will be saved right away to your Movies folder in Google Photos. If necessary, you can then distribute the video to others.

The process of watching and saving your Google Nest Doorbell and Camera video recordings is simple overall. As long as your device has the physical space, you can save as many videos as you like. However, keep in mind that the amount of time you have to view and download those recordings may be limited depending on whether you have Nest Aware or not.

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