How the Coolest NFT Community is Being Created by RAM NFT

Neal Stephenson proposed the intriguing idea of phyles when he authored Diamond Age in 1995. Phyles are social networks made up of individuals who are dispersed, decentralized, connected, and transcend geographical boundaries and who come together for the same purpose.

Many of the modern innovations, including the metaverse, nanotechnology, and a decentralized internet, were anticipated by Neal. But two words—”decentralization” and “community”—underlined a lot of his concepts.

A new NFT project, RAM NFT, which realizes Neal’s dream of a decentralized community 26 years after Diamond Age, is already in the works.

RAM NFT is focused on building a community that aids in helping us make the greatest NFT decisions, offers the coolest NFTs, and leads us into a higher dimension of virtual gaming in a fast-paced NFT environment where many project offerings provide a broad variety of features and functions.

See how RAM NFT is transforming the NFT market by reading on.

WHAT IS MEMBERSHIP IN RAM NFT? A RAM NFT membership could be thought of as an NFT membership that occasionally permits members to mint NFT from various NFT collections. You have access to 12 different NFT collections exclusively through this purchase.

There are many NFT collections available on the market today, making the decision of which collection to mint from a challenge. The project’s offering, the NFT’s long-term worth, the credibility of the developer, and the size and dependability of its support community are all things to take into account.

You’ll agree that it’s difficult to comprehend this. However, you wouldn’t have to go through all that worry if you were a member of RAM NFT.

Additionally, RAM NFT membership keeps you up to date on the most recent developments in the NFT industry. All of this can be attributed to the parent firm RiseAngle, its dependable leadership, and the enthusiastic RAM NFT community, who are all driven by the same desire to give holders NFTs of the greatest caliber.

Leading gaming business RiseAngle has a specific focus on online gaming. RiseAngle is a pioneer and a first of its type, offering players engaging games with immersive storytelling layered on top of cutting-edge technology like VR, blockchain, and NFTs.

The million-dollar question at this point is: What benefits does RAM NFT Membership provide?

RAM NFT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS RAM NFT might be all you need if you want to mint an amazing, high-value NFT collection. Imagine it as a merchant who brings the best and most distinctive NFTs right to your house.

You can be sure that RAM NFTs will differ from the same boring species of NFTs. Each month’s collection is different. NFTs typically take on a variety of shapes, including two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art, digital comics, NFTs based in the metaverse using virtual reality or augmented reality, or mixtures of these.

When you purchase NFTs, you join a group of people (Neal refers to them as “phyles”) who share your enthusiasm for the item and its potential. The best NFT collections typically have the support of an engaged community that shares the goal of project validation.

But nothing is written about how enjoyable and instructive participating in community events can be for the holders. Even worse, if you’re involved in a number of NFT projects or are amassing a collection, there’s a good probability that things will eventually become tedious as you’ll need to join discord channels to maintain track of individual projects.

All of these problems may be easily solved thanks to RAM NFT, which gives you access to a diverse and very inclusive Discord community that is driven by a shared desire to enjoy and get the most out of the NFT experience.

Although not all RAM NFT membership collections are metaverse-oriented, according to our research, a select handful have been shown to be useful in the metaverse. NFTs enable disruptions and advancements in the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming industries, which increases the value of membership even further.

With more than 300,000 installations, five games were released by the parent firm, RiseAngle Inc. The business has a strong leadership structure that blends knowledge with unmatched interpersonal abilities, which together have created a thriving, stimulating community for one-of-a-kind NFT collections.

They are pioneers in NFT and virtual gaming due to their extensive experience in metaverse games.

One project that aims to combine NFTs and metaverse games is called World of Mazes NFT Games. The game will have secret NFTs and new, intriguing tale NFTs, as well as NFTs and non-VR devices, a P2E model, and other exciting features, according to the founder, Kaveh Vahdat.

To take use of these advantages, you must either mint a RAM NFT or purchase one from a secondary market. This is due to RAM NFT membership being an NFT in and of itself. Currently, the third generation of RAM is scheduled for release.

There are only 400 RAM Gen 1 NFTs available, making it one of the most rare NFT collections on the market. RAM Gen 1 was released last year.

On NFT marketplaces, the NFTs may be verified, traded, and transferred because they are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. The smart contract ensures exclusive access to a variety of benefits for the membership NFT, which has an edition number.

One of these benefits for Gen 1 owners is the ability to receive six additional collections for free in addition to gaining access to special airdrops.

Collections of RAM NFTs and their features We’ve discussed the advantages that RAM NFT offers. Here’s a look at the collections and some of their distinctive qualities.

With its combination of digital artworks and former RiseAngle in-game materials, the World of Mazes Epic NFT Collection is a fantastic option for gamers. The Cool Cats initiative may face competition from RAM Cats Collection, a collection of adorable and humorous cats with a captivating allure for cat enthusiasts. The RAM Mazes Collection includes highly useful and integrated 3D generated mazes. The Deep Green Mazes Digital Comic Book combines NFTs and comic books. When you look more closely at each of these collections, you’ll discover that they are diverse, one-of-a-kind, and full of life. This and more is what RAM NFT is all about.

The NFT community is rapidly developing as new owners and enthusiasts jump on board and look for the best strategies to make the most of their NFT experience. It is vital to be cautious—and continually so—given the very diversified nature of technology and the abundance of information and trends to be aware of.

Joining a community that looks out for you and gives you access to the coolest NFTs in the market is the best approach to check these boxes. RAM NFT is at the epicenter of this transformation, integrating community, technology, storytelling, and fun while providing the best NFT experience to enthusiasts, gamers, and pleasure collectors alike.


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