Here’s how to join the “Preview Program” for the Google Home app for Android.

Here’s how to join up for Google’s upcoming “Preview Program” for the Home app for Android, which will offer you early access to future smart home features.

Regarding APK Insight: We’ve decompiled the most recent version of an app that Google put on the Play Store in our “APK Insight” post. These files, known as APKs for Android apps, can be disassembled to reveal several lines of code that allude to potential future features. Remember that Google might or might not ever deploy these features, and our understanding of what they are might be limited. However, we’ll endeavor to make those that are nearly finished show you how they’ll seem in the event that they do ship. Read on with that in mind.

For its Chromecast streaming devices, Google Home speakers, and Nest Hub displays, Google has been providing a public preview program for many years. That preview program has served as a testing ground for Google’s Fuchsia operating system in recent years, but its primary purpose is to evaluate new features a few weeks before they are made public.

It appears that Google intends to include the Google Home app in the scope of its Preview Program. The sign-up website, which is shown below, informs you that the Preview Program will enable “early capabilities” in Google Home but obviously cautions that they will likely still be glitchy.

To test new Home app features before they become widely accessible, make a request.
If you encounter problems or have suggestions, let us know. Your comments might make the app better.
There may be problems with early features that affect how the app functions. Google tracks these problems so that they can be immediately fixed.
Opt-out at any time. The Home app’s standard version is always an option.

According to how it is written, Google will start allowing a small group of users to download beta versions of the Google Home app from the Play Store. Given that many other apps, including Android Auto, Google Messages, Play Services, and several others, allow open beta testing to anyone bold enough to sign up, it’s intriguing that Google would choose a closed beta approach for this app.

Only a few weeks prior, it was found that Google was starting a “Google Nest Trusted Tester program” on Centercode, which was designed to evaluate a future-oriented Google Home app design. The in-app sign-up flow does not request any personal information, in contrast to the Centercode sign-up flow, so it is plausible that these two programs are identical.

From what we can see, Google probably only wants a select few users to be able to join up for this Preview Program. For the select few, it ought to show up somewhere in the top bar of the Google Home app for Android.

It is surprisingly simple to manually reach the Google Home App Preview Program membership page, though, if you want to give it a shot. On your Android device, simply tap the link below to be taken to the sign-up page. To express your want to participate as a tester, touch “Request invite” from there. The only thing left to decide is whether Google will let you join the program.

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