Here’s how to get the SoundCloud Wear OS app, which is now available for all watches in beta.

SoundCloud is finally accessible on Wear OS after being teased about it; however, it is currently only in a test version.

Like other music apps on the Wear OS platform, SoundCloud also functions similarly. Viewing your stored music, playlists, and listening history are all options. Additionally, music can be downloaded for offline listening.

The playback design of the app then adopts SoundCloud’s distinctive style; this time, the Play/Pause button is surrounded by progress. Additionally, there are volume controls, a like button, skip/back buttons, and other buttons.

Notably, Wear OS 3 is not required to use the SoundCloud app for Wear OS. The software instead seems to operate on all current Wear OS smartwatches, as long as you’re using the Wear OS 2 revamp, which features Tiles and an Assistant UI reminiscent of Google Now off to the left-most screen.

However, technically speaking, not all users currently have access to the app.

The Wear OS app from SoundCloud is now only available in beta, and there hasn’t even been a formal announcement. The app was covertly released, and Reddit users discovered it.

To receive early access, you’ll need to be prepared to put up with the possibility of a few problems. Visit the Google Play Store via this link and hit Become a Tester. to sign up for the beta. Simply sign up for the testing program and download the app to your smartwatch to get started.

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