Here are the Nothing Phone’s complete angles and colors (1)

Just one week before Nothing is scheduled to introduce its brand-new smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1), Evleaks has taken to Twitter . Additionally, he has displayed the item from every possible aspect and in both black and white. Therefore, there are truly no longer any surprises in the design.

Of course, we’ve seen the white one a lot already, but it’s good to see the black one in person. which also has a good appearance. However, in these press renders, it appears more dark blue. But Photoshop itself can possibly be to blame for that.

The announcement of this phone is not planned for July 12. Although it has received a lot of buzz, there is a chance that it will live up to the expectations.

Advertisement THE nothing phone (1) won’t be arriving in the United States Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation of the Phone (1)’s absence from the US market. Since they have received most of their attention and buzz from the US media. However, this is hardly surprising given that most Americans buy their phones through carriers rather than unlocked. The Nothing Phone (1) will only be offered for sale here unlocked.

We can infer from the leaked specifications that this Nothing smartphone will be a reliable mid-range device. Therefore, we anticipated it to be in the $500 to $600 range. Fortunately, it won’t cost thousands of dollars like some other cellphones available. However, since it won’t be sold in the US, we could not be aware of the precise price of this phone in US dollars.

When the phone is unveiled next week, let’s hope it can live up to the hype. Numerous phones have received a lot of anticipation in the past just to peter out and never live up to it. Nothing has yet revealed any camera samples from the phone, although as usual, those were most likely seized by experts.


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