Here are how many users of 9to5Google are experiencing issues as Google addresses the battery life concerns with the Pixel 6:

The battery life on the Pixel 6 has decreased over the past few months of ownership, which has become a problem, as I personally experienced last week. After that, we handed it over to our readers and asked them to vote on the same topic. Here is what we discovered.

It wasn’t immediately clear what was draining the battery on some of our Pixel 6 devices at first; what appeared to be routine use resulted in less than a couple hours of battery life, affecting both my wife’s and my own smartphone.

Hundreds of users reported the same problem with Googles ever-growing complaint forum , saying that their devices’ once-exceptional battery life had swiftly degraded to the point where they could no longer use them for a full day. Some consumers said the most recent Android 13 version, which significantly increased idle battery drain, was to blame. This may have been my problem, but it still didn’t explain why my wife’s Pixel 6 running Android 12 was the problem.

Nevertheless, you responded to our questions. The yes option was selected by a resounding majority of 9to5Google readers who took part in the poll last week. Nearly 40% of participants reported battery concerns with their Pixel 6 running Android 13. More than 20% thought their Pixel 6 Pro on 13 had issues as well.

On Android 13, 1,171 customers reported battery concerns, while only 269 indicated they didn’t. Nearly a thousand more users are experiencing problems than not. There is enough information here to confidently assert that this was a widespread problem, even though no survey can be considered a definite fact.

Android 13 was being used by the majority of people experiencing problems, indicating that it is probably to blame. Google revealed the changelog for the September Google Pixel update yesterday, highlighting the resolution of a few battery issues. These problems are related to inactive usage, where some background apps consume far more battery than is necessary.

Over the following few days, users of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will start receiving this update. The majority of consumers’ battery difficulties with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro should be resolved by this latest update, at least that is the expectation. Your best option if you’re using Android 12 and experiencing significant power depletion is to contact Google support.

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