Here are all the Android 13 apps that support Material Yous styled icons.

In order to fully embrace Material You theming, Google introduced the ability for homescreen icons in Android 12. The fun of themed icons is now available to third-party apps on Android 13; a list of apps that support the feature is available here.

Homescreen icons that match the system theme have an unified appearance thanks to themed icons. The feature, which is available in Android versions 12 and up, dynamically themes the icon and modifies it when the wallpaper modifies the system colors. In our experience, it works rather well, but how many apps support it ultimately determines how well it works.

This function was only available in Android 12 for apps that the operating system permitted, as assessed by the Pixel Launcher (or Samsung Launcher). On Pixels, there were only Google apps on the list. There were only Samsung apps available on Samsung handsets. It wasn’t even close to the ultimate idea because it was such a severely constrained version.

Third-party apps are now able to support themed icons in Android 13. Even though Android 13 is still only mostly opt-in , customized icons have already started to appear in more apps in just a few short weeks since its release.

THIRD-PARTY APPS FOR ANDROID THAT SUPPORT THEMED ICONS 13 Given the current limitations of this capability, it is not unexpected that there is a small number of third-party apps that support themed icons on Android 13. The current list looks like this:


1Password 8 Public Reddit Signal Telegram WhatsApp Reddit and WhatsApp are without a doubt the two largest apps that now support a themed icon on Android 13. The former gained support in its most recent beta, while the latter in a public update on August 19. The feature is supported by 1Password 8, which was launched in early August.

As new apps with the feature are published, we’ll keep updating this post.

Update 9/6: Spotify, Telegram, and other changes. In stable releases, WhatsApp and Signal both introduced a themed icon. If you are aware of any apps that support the feature but are not on our list, please leave a comment below or get in touch with us!

THEMED ICON SUPPORTING GOOGLE APPS The majority of Google apps support themed icons in Android 12 and Android 13 thanks to a trend that began in Android 12. The list consists of:

Calculator for the Android Auto Camera Files for Digital Well-Being Fitbit Gmail Google Phone Nest Calendar on Google Google Talk Contacts on Google Drive by Google Chrome Docs meet on Google Duo Chrome Fi Gmail Fit Gmail Home Chrome Lens Maps on Google Gmail Meet Messages on Google Internet News Google Photos Google One Shop on Google Play Play Books on Google iTunes Podcasts YouTube TV Chrome Sheets YouTube Slides Internet Translator Gmail Voice Tips for Google Wallet Pixel Gmail GPay Take Notes Setting the recorder’s safety Apple Watch YouTube Google TV Google Music The prominent Google applications that are absent are YouTube Studio, Play Games, and Stadia. On August 30, 2022, Google Wallet was added in an update, and in early September 2022, YouTube Music underwent an icon revamp.

APPS FOR SAMSUNG THAT SUPPORT THEMED ICONS Themed icons are also supported by Samsung on Android 12, but unlike Pixels, this support is exclusively available for Samsung-developed apps. On Android 12, not even Google apps will display on the homescreen in Material You colors. But it’s very likely that Samsung will use themed icons more in Android 13 (One UI 5.0), which is now in beta.

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